‘KILL LIST’: US Officials Gave the Taliban Names of American Citizens, Afghan Allies

Can the Biden regime get any more retarded?

Post Millennial

US officials in Afghanistan gave the Taliban a list of Americans and Afghans to evacuate. This plan was to enable the expediting of Americans and Afghan allies from Afghanistan.

But a defense department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Politico that “Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list. It’s just appalling and shocking and makes you feel unclean.”

Politico reports that the list of names was given so that those persons on it would be granted entry into the Kabul airport, where evacuations are ongoing.  The deadline for US departure is August 31.

This as the Pentagon said that more attacks are to be expected, and that the US will reach out to the Taliban “to make sure they know what we expect them to do to protect us” around the airport area.

Biden was asked on Friday “Why do you continue to trust the Taliban?” This after giving a speech in which he said that the US is in “constant contact with the Taliban” in order to nail down the logistics of the evacuation.

“We’ve made clear to the Taliban that any attack on our forces or disruption of our operations at the airport will be met with swift and forceful response,” Biden said on Friday.

“Swift and forceful”…like your evacuation fuckup that just killed 12 servicemembers and left thousands of Americans stranded.

That list is a death warrant for the Taliban to scour the country for Americans. This is treason, plain and simple.

Only Biden’s regime of shitbags would think this is a wonderful idea.

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