Krauthammer on ObamaCare: The Worst is Yet to Come

From The Hill.

Fox News panelist Charles Krauthammer on Thursday said ObamaCare is only going to get worse and that more people are now losing insurance than gaining it.

“It gets worse,” Krauthammer said of ObamaCare’s future. “As long as the exchanges are down, all you’re getting are stories of people losing insurance and practically no one gaining insurance.

“This is a program that’s doing the exact opposite of what’s intended.”

……”If the exchanges are working right, you still have the [flawed] incentive structure,” Krauthammer responded. “If you are a young healthy [person], which is what the system needs, there’s no logic in joining the exchange and paying what will be essentially twice of what you pay today under actuarial requirements.”

Therefore, Krauthammer reasoned, only those who are sick will enroll in ObamaCare, causing the system to economically collapse.

“Congress and the law arbitrarily doubles what the young healthies are paying,” he said. “If you don’t join, you get the death spiral, which means you only have the very sick in the program and you don’t have the ones who subsidize it with premiums that are essentially overpayments.

Krauthammer said that will cause insurers to increase the cost of premiums, which discourages any incentive to enroll in the exchange.

“You get a system that cannot sustain itself economically,” he said. “And it collapses.”

Again, the ‘rollout’  isn’t the fucking problem. The problem is the toxic law itself.  Even the most ardent Obama lap dogs have seen the skyrocketing premiums, the tax increases, the penalties, the loss of their current plans, and the fact that they will be forced into a socialist train wreck.

It won’t just collapse economically, it will collapse under the weight of its own fatuous ideology.

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