Landrieu to Louisiana Purchase Critics: ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut’

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Sen. Mary Landrieu took to the Senate floor and exhibited some of the arrogance, disdain, and hubris so common among the Dems, in particular. Reeling from the criticism of the bribe she accepted in return for her ObamaCare vote, she railed against her critics and blubbered about how she was ‘not going to throw the people of Louisiana under the bus’, when in fact, she already did. That 300 million dollar payoff she took from Harry Reid, wasn’t done simply out of the kindness of her little Dem heart. It was in exchange for her vote for a catastrophic government-controlled scam, that would literally destroy the health care system in this country.

More at Hot Air:

Senator Mary Landrieu wants critics of her Louisiana Purchase to “keep their mouths shut.” Why? Landrieu explains that because she and some of her delegation sent a letter demanding more money from Congress to defray Medicaid costs back in May, and then claimed that the decision to cut a $300 million subsidy later in the process had no bearing on her final vote.

This pretentious, lying ass had the nerve to get up in front of the American people and claim that money did not influence her complete turn around. Up until Harry fronted the cash, she was dead set against the Senate ObamaCare bill.

She should take her own advice and zip it.

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