Landrieu’s 300 Million Dollar Price for Her ‘Yea’ Vote on the ObamaCare Debate

Another cost of the Dem government-controlled health care push.

Senator Mary Landrieu has been in the spotlight since her vote Saturday allowing debate to begin on the national health care bill. Included in the deal, Landrieu secured as much as $300-million for Louisiana’s medicaid program, something she says Governor Jindal asked for. It’s leaving Jindal is in a sticky situation.

“It is the number one request of my Governor who is a republican,” said Senator Mary Landrieu Saturday on the senate floor.

Senator Mary Landrieu told her fellow senators she is “proud” of the move she made Saturday. She voted to allow debate on the national healthcare bill, and in the same measure secured million of dollars for Louisiana’s medicaid costs.

Critics have called her actions “the new Louisiana Purchase.”

“I think Mary Landrieu comes from the John Breaux school of governing. He’s the guy that said my vote is not for sale. It’s for rent,” said political analyst Jim Engster.

I understand that favors are a reality in politics, but this kind of bribe is another slap in the face to the American people. We do not want this, or any other government-run health care mandate, and we’ve made that abundantly clear.  So what happens to the $300 million if/when the latest effort to ram through this bad legislation fails?

Another thing: Bobby Jindal is nuts for influencing this. He should know better,  and he will pay for it politically.

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