Law Threatens to Void Military Votes

Figures. And the Democrats are clapping with glee.

SPRINGFIELD — An obscure state law and an ambiguous federal ballot form are combining to invalidate some of the thousands of absentee votes being cast this fall by Virginians overseas, most of them in the military.

State officials confirmed Thursday that they’ve instructed local registrars to set aside any vote submitted on a federally furnished write-in ballot unless the ballot includes both the name and address of the person who witnessed the vote. An advisory to registrars was distributed earlier this week, said Susan Pollard, a spokeswoman for the State Board of Elections.

Every absentee ballot requires the signature of a witness, who vouches for the identity of the voter. The witness address requirement is specified by Virginia law but not spelled out on the federal form.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the state does not require the witness address for absentee voters who opt for a different, state-furnished form.

“I want to count these votes, but under the law we cannot,” said Rokey Suleman II, the voter registrar in Fairfax County, where the problem came to light.

“The law stinks…. That said, I cannot ignore the law,” he added.

“We need a solution right away…. This is clear inequity,” said Pat Herrity, a Fairfax County supervisor who called a news conference Thursday to spotlight the situation.

No shit.

Yet ACORN gets away with voter fraud, while the main stream media campaigns for Obama. The leftist thugery will only get worse if that Marxist prodigy is elected.

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