Leader of Iranian Terrorist Nation-State and His Foreign Minister Dead in Helicopter Crash

Two less muzzie terrorists on the planet.

Inshallah, motherfuckers.


New York Post

Iran’s hardline President Ebrahim Raisi was killed when a helicopter carrying the reviled leader known as the “Butcher of Tehran” crashed in a remote region of the country Sunday, officials and state media said.

Raisi, 63, his foreign minister and other passengers were found dead after the rescuers discovered the helicopter crash site early Monday.

State news agency Mehr reported “all passengers of the helicopter carrying the Iranian president and foreign minister were martyred.”

…….Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who holds ultimate power with the final say on foreign policy and Iran’s nuclear program, said First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber would take over as interim president, the state’s IRNA news agency reported.

“I announce five days of public mourning and offer my condolences to the dear people of Iran,” Khamenei said in a statement.

A senior Iranian official had earlier confirmed that Raisi was killed in the wreck after state media reported there was “no sign of life” at the crash site.

Unfortunately, the Islamofascist country of Iran will replace him with someone just as bad.

1 thought on “Leader of Iranian Terrorist Nation-State and His Foreign Minister Dead in Helicopter Crash”

  1. John D. Egbert

    A chopper-full of now good Mooselimbs. Hopefully, many, many more to follow — and quickly . . .

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