Leaked Ukraine Documents Came From Massachusetts Air National Guardsman (UPDATED)

He’s been ID’d as Jack Teixeira.

UPDATE: He got access to  classified information in spite of being just an HVAC mechanic.

They caught this kid pretty fast.

How nice of the FBI to take time out of its busy schedule of  labeling Catholics as white supremacists’, listing Ashli Babbitt, the Second Amendment, Gadsden Flag, Revolutionary War imagery, and the Betsy Ross Flag in the FBI guide on ‘Militia Violent Extremists’, rounding up dissidents for the DNC, stealing life savings and abusing civil forfeiture, and targeting parents who speak out against CRT.

If the kid wanted classified documents, he could have offered to clean out Biden’s garage. They totally covered up Biden’s classified document scandal, and Hillary Clinton got away with storing and transmitting classified emails on her home computer, but this little ANG kid is going away for a long stretch in Leavenworth.


NY Post

Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira was arrested at his home Thursday after being implicated in the leak of dozens of sensitive US intelligence documents — the biggest national security breach in at least 10 years.

Law enforcement officers swarmed the home in North Dighton, Mass., about 20 miles east of Providence, RI, hours after the New York Times reported that investigators wanted to speak with Teixeira, who was reportedly stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

The classified pages were disseminated after being posted on a Discord channel linked to YouTuber “wow_mao” and quickly spread when a member of that channel posted some of them to a bigger channel called “Minecraft Earth Map.”

Sensitive information relating to the war in Ukraine, Israel and South Korea was leaked, sparking international concern.

White House spokesman John Kirby said Monday that the documents, which seem to indicate the US is surveilling its close allies, are “doctored.”

“Without confirming the validity of the documents, this is information that has no business in the public domain. It has no business, if you don’t mind me saying, on the pages of — the front pages of newspapers or on television,” he said.” It is not intended for public consumption, and it should not be out there.”

The files had initially been shared last year on a discord channel Teixeira appeared to run called “Thug Shaker Central,” made up of two dozen people who regularly discussed guns, video games and racist memes.

The Washington Post reported that Teixeira was known to channel members by the handle “jackthedripper.”

One member of the original channel told the New York Times the leaker “was a Christian, anti-war, just wanted to inform some of his friends about what’s going on,” and had access to the documents through work. “We have some people in our group who are in Ukraine. We like fighting games, we like war games.”

So, this ‘anti-war’ puke joins the military, which has a primary mission of breaking things and killing people. And he’s anti-Christian.

I hear a lot of bitching about “giving a young 21 year old a clearance”. What civilians don’t understand is that you are required to get the access and clearance level IAW your need to know and job position, regardless of your age.

Fox News

FBI agents have made an arrest in their investigation into leaked classified documents, Fox News has learned, as the bureau focuses on a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman.

Police vehicles were seen at a Massachusetts location believed to be connected with the guardsman. The guardsman’s security clearance and access to classified government systems have been revoked, according an internal government document reviewed by Fox News.

The National Guard said in a statement it is aware Thursday of the “alleged role a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman may have played in the recent leak of highly-classified documents” from the Pentagon.

“The National Guard takes this issue very seriously and will support investigators,” the National Guard said in a statement. “National security is our foremost priority and any attempt to undermine it compromises our values and degrades trust among our members, the public, allies and partners.

……The New York Times and other outlets reported that the man is a member of the 102nd Intelligence Wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard who was involved in a private online group called Thug Shaker Central.

……The top-secret intel that has been shared online included movements of high-ranking political leaders, updates on military forces, detailed charts of battlefield conditions in Ukraine and satellite images of the aftermath of Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian facilities. Other documents, according to the report, included the potential trajectory of North Korean ballistic nuclear missiles that could reach the U.S. and pictures and information on the surveillance technology attached to the Chinese spy balloon that the Biden administration allowed to float across the U.S. in February.

Now, what are they going to do about the intel that proves just how fucked up things are in Ukraine and that the $100 billion that Biden gave to Zelensky went somewhere else instead of weapons and equipment.

By the way, did they find out who leaked the SCOTUS Roe v Wade document yet?




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  1. John D. Egbert

    The odor of bovine excrement is too strong about this little exercise in DDD (Divert, Deflect, Dissemble). And awfully convenient, to boot.

    One wonders what further treason they’re trying to hide. . .

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