Lebron James Displays Imbecilic Behavior (Again) Throws Tantrum During National Anthem

This boorish hood rat actually thinks this is acceptable.

Via Breitbart

The NBA was understandably excited to start its season and get away from the China controversy that had embroiled the league over the past couple weeks.
However, even more controversy ensued on Tuesday night and on into Wednesday as video surfaced showing LeBron James walking off the court and screaming while the national anthem played.



Like many liberal celebrity athletes, James is a self-absorbed egotistical jack off who doesn’t give much thought to facts or real world problems.

Assclowns like James who use public athletic forums to hemorrhage stupidity are driving away fans who are fed up with their behavior.

As Tucker Carlson points out: “The people that benefited most from this country cared about it the least. They were also the quickest to sell it out to foreign powers for profit. That’s obvious now thanks to people like Lebron James.”

It’s all about the Benjamins.


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