Lee Statue in Baltimore Replaced With Pregnant Black Female

Wow. This is how degenerate the Left and their pandering toadies have become.

Daily Wire

On Thursday, social justice activists replaced a torn-down monument featuring Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson riding side by side, with a statue of a pregnant woman with her fist raised in the air titled, “Madre Luz,” or “Mother Light.” Activists and media referred to the statue as “Lady Liberty.”

……As of this hour, the protest statue has not been removed while the original statues remain in storage. Mayor Pugh suggested Lee and Jackson may be permanently relocated to a nearby Confederate Cemetery.

“Madre Luz” — Spanish for “Mother Light” — was erected by artist Pablo Machioli from papier-mache and features a pregnant African-American woman with a baby on her back, and with one fist raised into the air, a signal typically associated with the “black power” movement of the 1970s.







Fucking. Gross.

This is how they counter the myth of “white supremacy”.  With a stereotypical portrayal of inner-city black welfare queens.

Well, it’s appropriate.

Meet Angel Adams. She’s got 15 illegitimate children and she demanded more government assistance.


And just think, she’ll pass welfare to all her children like it’s a fucking family heirloom.

5 thoughts on “Lee Statue in Baltimore Replaced With Pregnant Black Female”

  1. These self proclaimed progressive fools have no idea they’re taking down statues of progressive heroes. Go ahead, take them down because they never meant anything to today’s liberty minded black, white, brown, et al people.

  2. What the fuck is going on? We let Lee and Jackson be removed and allow this crap to be put in their place. Some one needs to grow some balls and stop allowing this revisionist bullshit to go on. Burn the paper slut, replace the Generals and club the first son of a bitch that dares to deface or try to remove them. Come to our town you whiney pussies and we’ll either kick your asses or shoot them.

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    |Why are these people mad at white people. White people didn’t cause her pregnancy. Did she not know that if you dance – you have to pay the piper or better still – why didn’t she take a “pill” to keep from getting pregnant if she was going to play around. I am sure that after her pregnancy she became “one of the welfare queens” if she didn’t have an abortion.

    Most women when they are in a Pregnancy state are more beautiful then when they are not. So, what is the point that is being proven here?

    Also, don’t get the gest of the “social justice” mob? It only gives me the impression that they need to use the bathroom and didn’t quite make it? Right?

    Just what I would expect from the Obama crowd. But, if it makes them feel better – go for it. They should be mad at Obama and the Democrats – they are on Obama and the Democrat Plantation as slaves. Surely they recognized that Obama did nothing for them for eight years – and they are still jollying around with him – duh?


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