Leftie CNN Tool Jake Tapper Finally Admits Trump Was Right About Hunter Biden’s Illicit Deals With China


Former President Donald Trump was “right” about Hunter Biden’s successful business deals with China and other countries, while current President Joe Biden was “wrong” about the subject during the 2020 debates, said CNN journalist Jake Tapper.

During a panel on CNN’s “The Lead” on Thursday, Tapper covered Biden’s statements during the 2020 debates, agreeing with Trump’s assertions regarding Hunter Biden receiving payments from China and other offshore business transactions.

“Trump was right. I mean, he did make a fortune from China, and Joe Biden was wrong,” Tapper said, according to CNN’s transcript. “I don’t know that he was lying about it. He might not have been told by Hunter. But this blind spot is a problem.”


The CNN commentator questioned former Representative Andy Levin (D-Mich), who lost his 2022 member-on-member primary in a redrawn district to Representative Haley Stevens (D-Mich), if the president’s statements about the first son’s financial ties troubled him.

“Well, I think dads sometimes and parents sometimes have blind spots about their kids, for sure, and the President may be no exception,” Levin said in response. “But nothing has tied the President to any of Hunter Biden’s dealings. There’s no whiff of him being involved or him being implicated in it. And it’s, you know, I think it’s not something the voters care a lot about.”

Since initiating a comprehensive inquiry after capturing the majority in the 2022 midterm elections, House GOP officials have released documents and testimony reportedly revealing the Biden family’s dubious conduct.

Hunter Biden’s offshore business dealings were also verified in court last month.

Hunter had arrived with attorneys to present his side regarding the misdemeanor tax charges and enter into a diversion program for a felony gun conviction in order to escape jail time. However, the agreement came apart when the judge questioned its legality, and prosecutors eventually urged the court to dismiss the agreement.

Many online users questioned why Hunter Biden would even be given a unique, crafted plea deal in the first place that many Republicans have referred to as a “sweetheart deal.”

Judge Maryellen Noreika also maintained that she did not “understand the scope” of the agreement to not prosecute Hunter.

“So I can tell you what I think we can’t charge,” prosecutor Leo Wise replied. “I can’t tell you what the ongoing investigation is. So, for instance, I think based on the terms of the agreement, we cannot bring tax evasion charges for the years described in the factual statement to the Plea Agreement. And I think we cannot bring for the firearms charges based on the firearm identified in the factual statement to the Diversion Agreement.”


Sorry Jake, but you’re wrong on one big issue: Joe Biden knew about the deals and was an active participant. He’s ass deep in the corruption. There’s no “blind spot”, just spin and denial.

Biden’s crimes are extensive and well documented on the laptop.

The Biden Crime Syndicate used foreign deals and connections with Ukraine and China to enrich themselves. They laundered money, committed tax evasion, and violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The level of corruption is off the charts.
The Bidens committed treasonous acts for money.
The evidence collected from Hunter Biden’s laptop is more than enough to indict and convict Joe, Hunter, and most of the immediate family.  Hunter was operating as a bagman for the ‘Big Guy’, collecting and funneling money to his father. Federal agents know they have sufficient evidence to charge the Bidens with felonies, which they buried to protect them.
If that laptop belonged to the son of a Republican president, the liberal media conglomerate would have spent every waking minute covering the contents.
The DOJ should have had Joe, Hunter, Jim, and all of their cohorts on trial by now. The fact is, the DOJ is politicized and rotten to the core with malfeasance.

Just like the Bidens.

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