Leftie Group ‘Sleeping Giants’, Which Specializes in Harassing Advertisers of Conservative Media, Whines to Twitter After its Anonymous Founder Was Unmasked

Tough shit.


Via Breitbart

Far-left boycott group Sleeping Giants, which specializes in harassing the advertisers of conservative media organizations, is now complaining to Twitter about alleged harassment after its anonymous leader, Matt Rivitz, was revealed.

Sleeping Giants, along with other far-left groups like Media Matters for America, aims to drive conservative media off the web through social media campaigns directed at their advertisers. By scaring advertisers with phony allegations of “hate” and “bigotry” against conservative media, Sleeping Giants hopes to scare advertising revenue away from targeted websites. The group was founded by Matt Rivitz shortly after President Trump was elected in 2016.

After operating for over a year in anonymity, the founder of the organization was recently outed by a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation, which revealed the founder’s identity as Matt Rivitz, a San Francisco-based ad executive. Now, Sleeping Giants is frantically demanding that Twitter, their primary social media platform, censor accounts talking about their founder.


How does it feel to get a good taste of your own medicine? Open wide, libtard. I went to the thread, there have been no death threats. Just a case of leftwing victimology.

Similarly to the organization’s bogus allegations of “hate” against right-wing media, Sleeping Giants are now claiming that one of their detractors is “impersonating” the organization after they adopted the name “Sleeping Giants Exposed.” The account shows no signs of impersonating Sleeping Giants — all of the account’s tweets are aimed at criticizing and exposing the far-left group, not mimicking them. The account’s name is also clearly distinct.

Sorry Matt… Unsurprising to see you go crying to Twitter the first time you are dragged out of anonymity and made part of a public conversation. That conversation will continue about you, your co-conspirators, and the way you have lied to harass and intimidate business. pic.twitter.com/zifQfGylbG

— Sleeping Giants Exposed (@ExposedGiants) July 17, 2018

Twitter, which together with Google and Facebook were recently called before the House Judiciary Committee to testify on the issue of bias and censorship on the part of social media giants, has not taken any action.


Oh, and by the way:

Rivitz represented  big corporations — while attacking them anonymously:

Matt Rivitz has devoted his life to destroy and eliminate opposing voices in America but always kept his identity a secret.
Until Tuesday.

Rivitz and his hate site ‘Sleeping Giants’ smears and slanders conservatives.
Their goal is to keep the internet and public square free from conservative, patriotic voices.

He does this by smearing and lying about conservatives and threatening US corporations who run ads on their platforms.
Matt Rivitz also represented several top corporations in the advertising world.
Rivitz also works in advertising and represented Adidas, Chevy, Delta, Dodge Target, and others top corporations.

These same companies he attacked anonymously online with Sleeping Giants.

Here is a list of a few of Matt’s credits:
Dodge Dart
Fox Sports Net

……Bing Browser Cache showing he’s a freelancer working with Tyler Magnusson.

Yandex Browser cache of his Behance profile (Linkedin for Creatives).

List of agencies Tyler Magnusson has worked with.

And here is his Facebook page.


Twitter suspended Sleeping Giants Exposed (@ExposedGiants) account. Apparently it’s not acceptable to expose leftie vermin who harass anonymously.



2 thoughts on “Leftie Group ‘Sleeping Giants’, Which Specializes in Harassing Advertisers of Conservative Media, Whines to Twitter After its Anonymous Founder Was Unmasked”

  1. Boo freaking Hoo. Just like those brave ” freedom fighters” that cover their faces, this group of cowards didn’t want to be identified. Too afraid to come out into the open, they preferred to hide in the shadows and sling their garbage. Now that they have been exposed, they cringe and whine and scurry like rats. More and more these worthless brown shirt organizations need to be stood up to and kicked back into the sewers they climbed out of. As for Twitter and the rest of the social media “Justice League”, Joseph
    Goebbles couldn’t have done a better job of twisting and manipulating. Never joined their ‘ I don’t have a life so I’ll post all I do for everyone to see” sites and never will.
    Poo” Door Matt” Rivets. Let’s all wipe our feet on this pusbag and see how he enjoys the attention.

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