Leftie NY Mag Reporter Slams Biden For Losing Temper Over Question: ‘Maybe You’re In The Wrong Business’

It’s a pleasure to see the same leftwing media that helped foist him into the White House and regularly kisses his ass, get a taste of the real Biden.

Daily Wire

A left-wing reporter slammed President Joe Biden on Wednesday over his outburst directed at a cable news reporter earlier in the day, suggesting that perhaps Biden was in the wrong business if he could not answer basic questions from the media.


Her indignation was in response to Biden’s outburst at a CNN reporter for asking a question about Putin:



As much as CNN kisses  his ass, you figure he’d be more accommodating. The G7 summit put his declining mental health on full display.

The leftwing media hacks have drooled over this buffoon since he was installed, and ignored his pattern of unstable behavior. Now, they’re indignant over  his toxic personality.

Brace yourselves, it’s going to get worse.



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