Leftie Snowflakes Suffer From “Trump Anxiety Disorder”

LMAO! Just think, the same puerile malcontents who want to start another ‘civil war’ are curled up in the fetal position crying their eyes out.



Enjoy the next six years, snowflakes.  The only thing for you to do now is jump in front of a train.

1 thought on “Leftie Snowflakes Suffer From “Trump Anxiety Disorder””

  1. Boo fucking hoo. These worthless dimwits need to be kept from breeding. If this country is so bad, if Trump is so terrible, then why are all the illegals fleeing HERE? Let’s start an exchange program. One legal immigrant for 5 snowflakes and/or liberals. Whiney,lazy,entitled crybabies could go to Mexico and we could increase the quality of our gene pool.

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