Leftwing Hacks at CNN Tire of Biden, ‘Perplexed’ by DOJ’s Cover Up for the Biden Crime Family

The DOJ, FBI, and a compliant liberal media have been covering for Biden’s crimes over the last 3 years. Now that their installed puppet has become too much of an embarrassment, CNN finally admits the truth.


When this first crossed our timelines, we had to check once, twice, even three times to make sure this was actually CNN … and it is. Suddenly one of the Left’s biggest propaganda pushers and Democrat defenders is ‘perplexed’ by the corrupt DOJ? And how they’ve been covering for the Biden Crime Family?


If you’re making a ‘WTF’ face, join the club.

So, either they’ve figured out covering for a president who makes jokes about the ground being hot after a massive fire that could have killed thousands of people is a bad look OR someone in the DNC has given them permission to start covering Biden for real so they can replace him.

Yeah, we know, that sounds totally tinfoil-y, but after what we saw them do in 2020, nothing would surprise us.




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