Leftwing Idiocy in the Wake of the Boston Terrorist Attack

They never disappoint.

Andrew Cuomo concocts a comparison between the atrocity and ‘climate change’ as the ‘new normal’.

Moonbats Steny Hoyer, Xavier Becerra, and Joseph Crowley blamed the bombing on the sequester.

MSNBC’s contingent of asslowns have no shame:

Lawrence O’Donnell blames the NRA for “slowing down”.

The history of fail be damned, Chris Matthews insists that ‘normally’ domestic terrorists ‘tend to be on the far right”, and wondered if it had something to do with Tax Day, since it doesn’t mean a “whole lot to the Arab world or Islamic world or certainly not to al Qaeda.”

Chris Hayes frets that the bombers wouldn’t get ‘due process’. Only if they’re hadjis, right Chris?

NPR implied that it must have been “anti-government, right wing individuals”.

CNN’s brilliant analysis concluded that the pressure cooker bomb is likely a “signature of right-wing extremists”.

Chuckie Schumer doesn’t like the concerns over the illegal immigration issue being tied to the terror attack.

Michael Moore injected his porcine self into the fray, by patting himself on the back for correctly predicting that it “wasn’t carried out by women”.

The “political director” for rapper Russell Simmons tries out his version of post hoc, ergo propter hoc, and fails:

Today is Patriot’s Day. Waco, Texas happened on Patriot’s Day. OKC Bombing happened on Patriot’s Day. And now this…

David Koresh set his Waco compound on fire for ‘Patriot’s Day’?? And all this time I thought it was because the BATF and the FBI were in the process of storming the building.  Timothy McVeigh planned the OKC attack because he was angered by Waco.

So, it must be because of ‘Patriot’s Day’. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Mentally unhinged asswipes on Twitter immediately blamed the shooting of the MIT cop—which was committed by one of the bombers, incidentally—on the NRA.

David Sirota, one of the writers for the leftwing rag Salon, prayed fervently for the terrorists to be “white American”.

There’s lots more malicious stupidity where that came from.

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