Leftwing Idiots on Twitter Think House “Impeachment” Means Trump is No Longer President

You can’t fix this kind of stupid.



Newsflash: The articles rammed through the House by a Dem majority do not constitute an “impeachment”  for two reasons:

  1. The articles have to be presented to the Senate for a trial. Right now, Pelosi is backpedaling on that.
  2. If it ever reaches the Senate, the Dems will be crushed by a flood of facts and evidence that they cannot change to suit their narrative, and the entire hoax will be voted right out of the chamber.


These assclowns have no clue about civics. law, or constitutional procedure. And they’re allowed to vote and breed.

Let that sink in.



1 thought on “Leftwing Idiots on Twitter Think House “Impeachment” Means Trump is No Longer President”

  1. With the taking over of our education system by Liberal idiots, the blossoming of know-nothing fools ran rampant. Now these same dumbed-down nit wits are the educators spewing their lunacy to our children. Indoctrinating not educating, Liberal windbags twist facts and history to suit their agendas and pass it on as truth to our young. Ask any student that supports this vile attempt to completely corrupt our Government to explain why Conservatism,Patriotism and our President are so bad and they cannot reasonably explain their position. They will spew rhetoric memorized from “lessons” yet if asked to think about what they are doing or saying they stare blankly then resort to name calling and labeling. The pathetic host of beyond stupid Democratic candidates for President should be a terrifying wake up call to ALL Americans. “If these lying buffoons are the best we can produce then we are in deep shit”.
    We need statesmen and women, not professional politicians concerned with lining their own beds. Vote these self serving,power hungry dung beetles out of office and start to take back our country. We do NOT work for them, it’s the other way around.
    America and Americans first and to hell with the sick ideas being pushed by some of the most corrupt and delusional walking pieces of excrement to ever tread the earth.
    Our nation is in trouble and good people need to step up and fight the blight that is upon us.

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