Leftwing Media Matters and ThinkProgress Hook Up With Terrorist Mouthpiece Al Jazeera

The partnership is just a mere formality. All three have been on the same Islamofascist, anti-American page for some time.

From FrontPage Magazine.

Media Matters, the Soros-funded Obama administration propaganda arm, claims that its prime mission is to correct “conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.” Presumably as part of its self-righteous campaign against conservative misinformation, Media Matters decided to team up with the anti-Semitic, anti-American news outlet Al Jazeera, a corrupt media outfit owned and financed by an authoritarian Arab regime that forbids freedom of the press in its own country. Then again, intellectual honesty and truly unbiased journalistic professionalism were never part of Media Matters’ mission statement.

……Media Matters was founded with the help of another Soros-sponsored enterprise, the Center for American Progress, the radical brain of the Democratic Party.

Media Matters Action Network senior foreign policy fellow MJ Rosenberg has a profile on Al Jazeera’s website, where his articles attacking Israel and the United States regularly appear.

By the way,  Rosenberg is out at Media Matters, and he’ll be launching his own special U.S./Israel bashing website.

David Brock, Faiz Shakir, and Al Jazeera (aka “Jihad TV”) will make a great muzzie ménage à trois.

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