Leftwingnut Media and Union Hacks Join Obama in War on Grassroots America

Don’t like socialism? Don’t like government intrusion into your health care? Are you angry at Obama’s regime, union thugs, and leftwing media hacks cracking down on your freedom of speech, and encouraging their informants to ‘turn you in’ ? Then you’re a “racist” and part of a “mob”, according to assclowns like Paul Krugman:

……this is something new and ugly. What’s behind it?

……Yes, well-heeled interest groups are helping to organize the town hall mobs. Key organizers include two Astroturf (fake grass-roots) organizations…

Astroturf…like the stunt pulled by Obama hack, David Axelrod?

Like the anti-Bush/anti-war protests sponsored by Code Pink, George Soros, MoveOn, and A.N.S.W.E.R.?

Ugly, indeed.

……the driving force behind the town hall mobs is probably the same cultural and racial anxiety that’s behind the “birther” movement, which denies Mr. Obama’s citizenship. Senator Dick Durbin has suggested that the birthers and the health care protesters are one and the same; we don’t know how many of the protesters are birthers, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s a substantial fraction.

Yeah, that’s it. The people opposed to Obama careening this country’s economy (not to mention national security) into catastrophe are just “birthers” in disguise.

……Many people hoped that last year’s election would mark the end of the “angry white voter” era in America. Indeed, voters who can be swayed by appeals to cultural and racial fear are a declining share of the electorate.

How dare  “white” people vote? How dare we get angry over important issues and recognize socialism regardless of the skin wrapping?

……if Mr. Obama can’t recapture some of the passion of 2008, can’t inspire his supporters to stand up and be heard, health care reform may well fail.

Even his precious Obamessiah cannot sell this rotten bill of goods to the American people.  

Epic. Fail.

Of course, Krugman didn’t say squat about the hysterical, rabid protests during George W. Bush’s tenure. That was perfectly acceptable.  

Yo Krugman, speaking of ‘well heeled interest groups’:  During a town hall meeting in St. Louis, the Dems snuck in union thugs and locked out Tea Party taxpayers:

After being locked out of the Russ Carnahan town hall in south St. Louis, the 1,000 strong Tea Party Mob broke out in song outside the meeting. The crowd was not pleased that the Carnahan people were sneaking in union thugs at this door on the side of building. (Through a handicapped door,  no less)

A black conservative was attacked by the Carnahan-supporting mob.

St. Louis County police say six people were arrested. Two of those were arrested on suspicion of assault, one of resisting arrest and three on suspicion of committing peace disturbances. Carnahan was gone when the ruckus started.

Kenneth Gladney, a 38-year-old conservative activist from St. Louis, said he was attacked by some of those arrested as he handed out yellow flags with “Don’t tread on me” printed on them. He spoke to the Post-Dispatch from the emergency room of the St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, where he said he was waiting to be treated for injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face that he suffered in the attack. Gladney, who is black, said one of his attackers, also a black man, used a racial slur against him before the attack started.

“It just seems there’s no freedom of speech without being attacked,” he said.

But according to WaPo hack Steve Pearlstein, we’re “terrorists”:

By poisoning the political well, they’ve given up any pretense of being the loyal opposition. They’ve become political terrorists, willing to say or do anything to prevent the country from reaching a consensus on one of its most serious domestic problems.

Scuse me, Steve. The political well was poisoned by frothing leftwing moonbats who denigrated this country, the military, and George W. Bush for eight years. You’ve got a lot of gall throwing the “loyal opposition phrase” around, especially when Democrats like Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Jim McDermott, Pete Stark, and Harry Reid have demonstrated their affection for America’s enemies.

The director of the Congressional Budget Office director Douglas W. Elmendorf updated his projections for the budget and economic outlook and is now anticipating a $1.8 trillion deficit this year, and $1.4 trillion in 2010. Gonna call him a liar too? By the time THE ONE gets through destroying our economy, we’ll have a deficit of 23.7 trillion dollars.

Media hacks like you propped up this charlatan and paved his way into office by covering up and suppressing all of the corruption and lying on his part, and on his behalf.
Thanks a a lot, and keep the “change”.

These angry mobs are protesting against a socialist jack-booted regime hellbent on superceding our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  These town hall meetings were meant as a platform for the Democrats to dictate policy; not as an open debate. That’s why they’re cancelling meetings, locking their doors, and closing the curtains when we confront them on their hypocrisy and rubberstamping the policies of a dangerous socialist megalomaniac.

Newsflash, Krugman and Pearlstein: The more you and your ilk spew bile at fed-up taxpayers, the more we will fight back.
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