Leftwingnut New York State Employee Demands Death for Trump Supporters

More tolerance, class, and maturity from the Progs.

Via the Conservative Tribune.

After the victory last month of President-elect Donald Trump, an employee of the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities reportedly posted a disturbing message to his private Facebook page wishing death on the former GOP nominee’s supporters.

“To all my friends that live in red voting states,” the screed began. “You have 2 months to move. After that, if you don’t do not consider us friends. I want you dead. I want your families dead. I want your wives, husbands children and grandchildren dead. Not just dead but horrible painful deaths.”

……A screenshot of the full post:


OPWDD employee Charles Walz’ Facebook account has since reportedly been suspended, according to Facebook user Dan Lyman.

UPDATE: His account has finally been taken down, thanks to all of us who have exposed him. Good work.

Posted by Charles Walz from Valley Stream, NY.

Here’s to hoping Nassau County PD or FBI pay him a visit. Facebook should have banned his account now – it appears to still be active. Unbelievable.

That was in November. Wanna bet the turd is still employed?

His personal info, courtesy of Mark Wayne.

Charles W Walz – 122 Buscher Ave, Valley Stream, NY 11580 – Home # (516) 825-8011 Cell # (917) 747-0197 Personal Email: charleswalz@netzero.net and stevena131@yahoo.com Employer: Safety and Security Offices at New York State OMRDD – https://opwdd.ny.gov – Press Relations # (518) 474-6601


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3 thoughts on “Leftwingnut New York State Employee Demands Death for Trump Supporters”

  1. There are some people who need to be put away. Hillary is one. That man saying kill is another. They belong in Satan’s unseen prison to wait for judgment day.

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