Leftwingnuts Bring the Hate

Obama’s regime is getting its ass handed to it after four years of socialist train wrecks, so the leftwing contingent of desperate asshats is on a tear.

Tim Bitici is on the cast of “Shannen Says,” a show featuring Shannen Doherty that appears on WE tv.  He hopes “Ryan’s daughter gets fucked and pregnant at 13”.

Then there’s piece of shit who wants to “hate fuck” Ryan:

jennifer leigh
I want to hatefuck the everloving shit out of Paul Ryan.
11 Oct 2012

Here’s one who wants to rape Ryan’s wife:

Blair Jonathan
Is it inappropriate to say “Let me rape Paul Ryan’s wife and let’s see if they decide to have that baby?” I don’t think so, or lets find out.
11 Oct 12

These douche bags think Ryan and Romney should have been aborted:
Sarah Allen
11 Oct 12
Wish Paul Ryan was aborted.
11 Oct 12
Carson Kegerreis
It’s ironic that Romney/Ryan are pro-life because they both should have been aborted 11 Oct 12
Romney and Ryan want to prevent abortions in case more conservative assholes like them crawl out. They should’ve been aborted.
11 Oct 12
I wish romney/ryan’s mothers had an abortion yup I do as a matter of fact republicans should have to have mandatory abortions.
11 Oct 12
Ryan’s daughter Liza, whom he nicknamed “bean”, got a load of filthy spews from the leftwing Twitter crowd:
I wish they would have aborted “Bean”.
11 Oct 12
Darren White
If my father called me “Bean,” I would wish I had been aborted.
11 Oct 12
Te’Reith Phillips
Man fuck Ryan and his daughter wit Dat ugly ass name dat stupid ass name ”Bean”.
11 Oct 12
That last one really embodies the articulate, educated aspect of the Dem voter bloc. Their parents must be so proud.  Remember, it’s the Republicans who hate women, right? Meanwhile, the human shitbags who deserve wishes for retroactive abortion, like the despicable muzzies who slaughter in the name of their misogynist, intolerant, violence-prone religion, get a pass from assholes like these.
If Romney win I’m leaving the country
3 Oct 12
People joke around saying if Romney is elected president they’re leaving the country, I’m 100% serious.—
ashley cameron (@ashleycameronxx)
9 Oct 12
Sujud Awad
If Romney wins, im leaving america deadass…
9 Oct 12
If Romney is elected.. I’m done. Like, I’m leaving this damn country.—
Jaymz Lee (@JaymzzzC)
3 Oct 12
Benji Wilson..
Romney get in office, im goin to get my passport.. I’m leaving yall ass..
9 Oct 12

Hopefully, Benji will see fit to join his African relatives. Some of the tweeters said they’d move to Canada, others said England. Fuckin’ leftie tards. When Romney wins, keep your promise you assholes. You have the right to move to and live in any socialist country to suit your taste. Get. The. Fuck. Out. And don’t come back. I’m sick of your whining, bitching, and hypocrisy. I’m fed up with your anti-American bullshit. Go live in Europe. The frothing moonbats have been at this for awhile, and it will only get worse after Romney is elected.

The new civility.

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