Lefty Pundit at The Atlantic Ponders a November Bloodbath in Ohio

There will be blood.

In Ohio, it’s getting so bad for Democrats that the Democratic Governors Association, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are actively weighing their level of commitment. 

Public and private polling from the state suggests that Democrats will lose the governor’s mansion, currently held by Ted Strickland, the Senate race (for an open seat that was held by a Republican), and at least four House races (OH 01, OH 15, OH 13, OH 16). Strickland’s troubles have surprised some Democrats, since he’s seemed to defy gravity for much of the year.


The House and Senate Democrats; Boccieri, Sutton, Brown, Driehaus, and Kilroy, all voted for Obama’s socialist monstrosities including ObamaCare and the multi-billion dollar bailouts and “stimulus” bills. 

Strickland is a punk who runs a scandal-ridden regime in Columbus.  He used illegal aliens to remodel a state-leased office building, his aides, including Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor, were pegged in an Ohio inspector general’s report of lying under oath about an aborted sting at the Governor’s Residence, and our jobless rate has soared from 5.3 percent to 10.8 percent under his watch.

They also supported the government takover of insurance companies and 2/3rds of the auto industry. They were part and parcel to the economic destruction of this country; something the voters will keep in mind this November.

“A Democratic bloodbath in Ohio?”

You betcher ass. I’ll be at the voting booth with a bloody sword in one hand and the severed head of a Dem in the other.

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