Liberal Academics Use Federal Funds (Taxpayer’s) to Research “Hate Speech” on Gab

Any speech libs hate is “hate speech”.

I’m using Facebook and Twitter less and less; I’ve switched to Gab, a free speech platform that doesn’t ban or censor because of personal opinions.

Via Breitbart


Researchers at USC used federal funds to compile a “corpus” of “hate speech” on Gab, the First Amendment-friendly social media network that provides an alternative to increasingly censorious platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Titled “The Gab Hate Corpus: A collection of 27k posts annotated for hate speech,” the project involved over a dozen researchers and was sponsored by funds from the National Science Foundation, a federal body that distributes taxpayer money to fund scientific research, including “social sciences.”

The current NSF director is an Obama appointee, France A. Córdova. The NSF’s budget in 2020 was increased by 2.5 percent on the previous year, to $8.28 billion. Part of that taxpayer money, it seems, is now going to study “hate speech” on Gab.

“The growing prominence of online hate speech is a threat to a safe and just society,” declares the study. “This endangering phenomenon requires collaboration across the sciences in order to generate evidence-based knowledge of, and policies for, the dissemination of hatred in online spaces.”


Hey USC, here’s your fucking corpus of hate speech:

Those are CNN, Buzzfeed, NYT, and LA Times Reporters.

The report also claims to “establish baseline classification performance for each using standard natural language processing methods.” Natural language processing is a subfield of linguistics, AI and computer science that among other things involves training AIs how to recognize and analyze human speech.

In a statement, Gab slammed the researchers for “cherrypicking” items of speech from its website.

“These researchers used federal funds to highlight 27,000 posts out of more than 93,000,000 on our site (0.029%) to promote the online censorship of American citizens,” said a Gab spokesman.

“Gab has over 3 million visitors, users, and customers from around the world. Our fastest-growing markets are the United States, India, and Spain. Our users have diverse ideological, cultural, and social perspectives. Studies like this seek to gaslight millions of great people in our community based on a negligible fraction of posts on the site.”

“For years now yellow journalists and shoddy researchers have consistently cherry-picked individual users or small groups on our site in an effort to discredit our mission, which is to protect the First Amendment online and empower everyone to speak freely and securely.”

“They have failed and will continue to fail. Gab will continue to build people-powered solutions to Big Tech bias and online censorship.”

From a Gab user:


Last year, the liberal geniuses at Cornell developed an AI system to “detect hate speech” and found to their dismay, that minorities are the worst offenders.

More verified liberal hate:





lib hate



Some of those posters are run-of-the-mill users, some work for Twitter and the mainstream media.

This is a member of the NYT editorial board:


The only speech considered “endangering” is what the academic intelligentsia and the leftwing media say it is.

Social media thought cops are monitoring every aspect of your life to see if you qualify as a ‘hate agent’.

Frothing leftwingnuts, on the other hand, get a free pass.

But they’re liberal  bigots, so it’s okay.



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