Liberal “Anti-Racist” Turns Out to be Racist

Liberals love to lecture whites on “racism”, but they’re the biggest fucking bigots on the planet.

National Pulse

Daniella Byck, a so-called “anti-racist” journalist and editor at the influential Washingtonian magazine has repeatedly authored tweets mocking and deriding black people…

Byck, who joined the outlet in 2018, made comments regarding “Africa and the size of a black man’s lips.”

The recent graduate has listed her “dream job” as “crisis communications,” though it is unclear who would hire her for such a role given her own communication history.

Byck has recently used her platform to encourage “white folks” to read Washingtonian articles providing education on how to “be anti-racist” and identify “systems of oppression”.

But her own history in this area is murky and deeply offensive.

The National Pulse can reveal additional messages containing similar sentiments targeting black people, as well as other minorities.


Not to worry, though, because the so-called enlightened, tolerant libs also hate whites:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is verified-hate-11-1024x538.jpeg



But they’re liberal bigots, so it’s okay.

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