Liberal Mainstream Media Suddenly Realizes Biden is Mentally and Physically Unfit

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson on the liberal media’s sudden realization that the corrupt, senile, diaper-wearing imbecile they foisted on the country was a bad idea:

You are telling us that Joe Biden doesn’t “seem to have his hand firmly on the wheel.” Really? You sure we’re talking about the same president here. Wasn’t this the guy not so long ago was challenging strangers to push up contests at town halls. He single-handedly rescued Nelson Mandela from the hell of Robben Island. This is the man who faced down Corn Pop with a chain at a public swimming pool. Now you are saying that man, that chiseled monument to decisive masculinity may be losing his grip? Yep, that is exactly what they are saying. And they seem almost bashfully apologetic as they say it.

They had no idea Joe Biden was a lumbering, desiccated husk. No idea at all. They never saw Biden call anyone a dog-faced pony soldier. They didn’t notice him sniffing anybody’s hair or staring blankly into the middle of the distance like a lobotomy patient. They never saw it. They are as shocked as you are. CNN’s resident Nobel Prize winner came to the awful conclusion that maybe Joe Biden isn’t doing an amazing job as president.


They should also admit that Biden has almost 50 years in politics and nothing but criminal misconduct to show for it. Which is par for the Dem course.

Biden’s wanton destruction of the country was inevitable and predictable.

I predicted all this before he was installed.

Just think we have 3 more years of this dystopia unless he croaks or gets carted off to the nursing home. The only problem is, Kammy is next in line.


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