Libtards Aghast at Rodeo Clown’s Obama Mask

It’s funny as hell. The crowd enthusiastically approved.

The rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask is shown. | AP Photo

McCaskill and Clay sob:

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) were among the politicians who condemned the rodeo clown who wore a mask of President Obama and asked the crowd if they wanted to see the president “run down by a bull.”

The incident took place at the Missouri State Fair over the weekend. Clay issued a statement saying the act showed “an ugly face of intolerance.”

“I am amazed that in 2013, such hatred, intolerance and disrespect towards the President of the United States could take place at the Missouri State Fair. Our fair is supposed to showcase the best of Missouri, instead, it showed an ugly face of intolerance and ignorance to the world.”

……McCaskill also released a statement Sunday calling the performance “shameful.”

Really??  I’m betting if this happened during GW’s administration, you’d both be laughing like fucking hyenas.

The Dems are all about the race card, and this is no different.

This mask is actually more appropriate:


This is incredibly stupid:

But the state commission went further, saying it will require that before the Rodeo Cowboy Association can take part in any future state fair, “they must provide evidence to the director of the Missouri State Fair that they have proof that all officials and subcontractors of the MRCA have successfully participated in sensitivity training.


Hey leftwingnuts: Take your outrage and shove it up your hypocritical asses.

6 thoughts on “Libtards Aghast at Rodeo Clown’s Obama Mask”

  1. Texas Kidd Jr

    The Rodeo Cowboys Assn should require before they agree to participate in any limp wristed rodeo at the MSF that the MSF show proof that it doesn’t have a stick up their PC As*

  2. For all you liberals with another liberal’s dick shoved up your ass, it is not unusual for clowns to dress as sitting presidents during the performance.

    But then, all you liberals have been too busy grabbing ass all your lives to ever venture beyond your bong to see the real world. All of you are so burned out on your meth to make such stupid opinions like the one about this clown you are all passing around.

    It is all about tyranny. All you liberals want to micromanage every aspect of everyone’s lives.

    Come here to Texas to make me your slave? Not only will I end your life but I will make sure there is no DNA left over from your spawn to risk that ever happening to anyone ever again.

  3. But all of this is perfectly ok:

    All you liberals are total hypocrites. The nature of the liberal tyranny shines forth more and more everyday. Someday soon, liberals will push too far. When it happens, nobody really sees it as the start. It starts with a slaughter and escalates. It could be a bunch of black liberals maggots led by the race baiter Rangel, Jackson,, invading the home of an innocent individual, dragging their family out, and hanging them. Then the bullets fly. Go ahead Black Panthers, start it. Come to Texas and hang at a polling station with your batons. You will not see it coming. You liberals will be a lifeless body before you drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

    Obama is a complete clown act all on his own.

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