Life in a Democratic Stronghold (UPDATED)

This was posted on a message board concerning the ACORN frauds in Cuyahoga County:

Ohio is a red state. The college degrees move away for the coasts and the unions have been busted up into political irrelevance. Of the trade union guys I know (not members of those fake unions for over-glorified monkeys like the UFCW), even they are going to vote GOP because of that stupid gun comment Barack made back in PA during the primaries. ……The only reason Strickland is governor is because the GOP forgot who their base is and had the audacity to run someone like (Ken) Blackwell. Maybe Colin Powell could’ve pulled it off, but not Blackwell.

I-80 is Ohio’s Mason-Dixon Line, the DNC might get Akron, Youngstown and maybe Columbus, but that’s all they’re going to get. Everyone else is either a gun voter or a god voter. Don’t let Strickland’s one-term wonder fool you into thinking we’re a swing state. Blackwell was just an epically bad play.

His view reflects established Ohio political demographics at least partially.

Politically, Ohio is considered a swing state, although state politics are dominated by Republicans. The mixture of urban and rural areas, and the presence of both large blue-collar industries and significant white-collar commercial districts leads to a balance of conservative and liberal population that (together with the state’s 20 electoral votes, more than most swing states, makes the state very important to the outcome of national elections. Ohio was the deciding state in the 2004 presidential election……

Bush narrowly won the state’s 20 electoral votes by a margin of 2 percentage points and 50.8% of the vote. The state supported Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996 because of a defection of Republican voters to Ross Perot, but supported Republican George Bush in 2000 and 2004. Ohio was also a deciding factor in the 1948 presidential election when Democrat Harry S. Truman defeated Republican Thomas Dewey (who had won the state four years earlier) and in the 1976 presidential election when Democrat Jimmy Carter defeated Republican Gerald Ford by a slim margin in Ohio and took the election.

Ohio’s demographics cause many to consider the state as a microcosm of the nation as a whole. Interestingly, a Republican presidential candidate has never won the White House without winning Ohio, and Ohio has gone to the winner of the election in all but two contests since 1892 backing only losers Thomas E. Dewey (Ohio’s John Bricker was his running mate) and Richard M. Nixon in 1960. Consequently, the state is very important to the campaigns of both major parties. Ohio had 20 electoral votes in the Electoral College in 2004.

This is where the divisions are:

The most solidly Democratic areas of the state are in the northeast, including Cleveland, Youngstown, and other industrial areas. Specifically, the core of this region includes eight counties stretching east along Lake Erie from Erie county to the Pennsylvania border and south to Mahoning county. Southwestern Ohio is particularly Republican.

I live approximately 30 miles west of Cleveland in a town called Lorain.  I spent a total of 30 years in the United States Army, (10 years Reserve, 20 years Active Duty) and each trip home, I saw more and more deterioration.

I have watched my town go from a reasonably employed and populated flourishing place, to a virtual ghost town. The Steel Mill and the Ford Plant are barely existing.  Many of the businesses in the downtown area have been boarded up and long gone. The Lakefront area, prime for development and recreation, is languishing. The sad fact is that many of the residents are complacent to the point of being comatose.

The once thriving industrial base was wiped out, in part, by unions. Businesses and corporations have no incentive to invest in this area, and who can blame them?  The Lorain City government throws up so many roadblocks in the form of high taxes, red tape, and bureaucratic stupidity, that unless we throw all of them out and start over, they’ll be no resurgence for this town.

Just how stupid can they be?

Case in point: The Bascule Bridge, a structure that provides quick access to the east side, was stuck in a raised position for almost six months,  blocking the flow of traffic and causing the public to take a huge detour.

The reason for the shutdown?

The Ohio Department of Transportation told the public that it was “waiting for a part on order for the braking system” which lowers the bridge safely.

ODOT claimed the computer which controls the braking system was incompatible with a new computer that makes the rest of the bridge’s mechanical systems operate.

Meanwhile, the county commissioners sat on their asses while businesses folded, a city and a major state route were spit in two,  and traffic jams increased.

Lorain County Commissioner Ted Kalo was too busy trying to save his business to care about others.  He wanted to work out a deal that would have prevented his carpet and tile business from going into foreclosure.

Former Lorain Mayor Anthony Krasienko, a Democrat, intended to assist with that effort by using the city’s federal grant money to pay off the mortgage on the building that housed Kalo’s business.

Gotta love how the “we care about the working class” Dems will forgo helping them to bailout their own, with public funds. Sound familiar?

More corruption:

In May of 2008, Democrat councilman Dennis Flores was arrested during a prostitution sting. This story made the NewsBusters website for the fact that the Dem-leaning media in the area, most notably the Pee Dee, WEWS, WKYC, and the Lorain Journal, omitted Flores’ political affiliation from the story. If he were a Republican, they’d have blazoned ‘Republican’ in bug fucking red letters across the headlines.

More jackassery:

The school board approved and built a new $17 million Southview Middle School right behind Southview High school, which was only 40 years old, but had been closed down due to lack of maintenance.  The high school leaked and needed repair because of all the flooding.   So they decided to do interim repairs and move students back into the building while they construct  a $70 million money pit aka the new “Lorain High”.

For anyone who doubts just how intent they are to extort money, Lorain school board member Tony Dimacchia said: “I guess the question is,” he said, “Is their children’s education worth it?”

Scuse me, but we’ve already pumped MILLIONS into education and the results are just more tax increases.

What ever happened to the percentage of lottery money that was supposed to be set aside for “education”?

To cover this latest spending orgy, the school board has placed another tax levy on the November ballot.  It will increase income tax and property tax.  A 4.8 mill levy that will cost the citizens of Lorain $3 million a year for school operations for seven years.  That’s $150 a year for a $100,000 home, and $109 a year for a $75,000 home.

I’m a retired Army veteran on a fixed income. Our property taxes have gone up repeatedly, even though property values have plummeted.  I now pay almost $2000 a year to my mortgage escrow to cover the property taxes. When the taxes go up, so does my mortgage. My home is in need of repair. I need new siding, my garage is falling apart, I could use insulation, new windows, new carpet, some paint, a new driveway, and other interior renovations. WHO THE HELL WILL BAIL ME OUT?

The arrogance of the Dem regime knows no bounds. City Treasurer Karen Shawver, wants to “hunt for taxpayers” in order to foot the bill for increasing her own income tax department budget for salaries to $179,000 to help implement the changes to collect more money.

I’m sick to death of this Democratic-controlled district squeezing every penny they can from our wallets while they waste taxpayers money because they can’t stick to a budget.

Many of our residential streets are virtually impassable because of the potholes which turned into craters.   The tax that was supposed to pay for garbage pickup made no difference; the waste disposal company was sold and the fees increased as well.

Now the school board wants to squeeze blood from a turnip.

Not only NO, but HELL NO.

The town of Lorain is in its death throes. Here’s a suggestion for the city council: set aside some money to erect a sign at the city limits that reads: WELCOME TO NECROPOLIS.

6 thoughts on “Life in a Democratic Stronghold (UPDATED)”

  1. I noticed things were different in America when I rotated Stateside from DaNang. There is a world of difference when an NCO is shouting to put an M60 on NVA while a squad moves flank, pronto. Things that needed to be done, were a priority and got done. Here, everything was in a lambasting state of slow motion, and nothing gets done. People talk about “resumes”, or wonderful vacation places they visited. My taxes in the house I recently lost to the flooding of Super Storm Sandy (2012), was at $13.9K per year. Jobs have left the vicinity since 2009, and businesses are boarded up. One cousin of mine, will be moving his business out of New York, because Governor Cuomo demanded Catholics and Jews leave the state. My cousin does not hunt, never served, does not want a gun, but him, his wife, and kids, are devout Catholics and against abortion. When they move in about three weeks from now, the business is going with them as well as 32 machinist jobs. He signed the lease a while ago and scheduled the move to Florida due to its tax structure.

    1. Brittius,

      Bureaucracy is bad enough by itself, but when you add the malfeasance of leftwing Dems who hate entrepreneurs, you end up with the devastation happening in my hometown and in New York. The belligerent Dem entitlement culture has destroyed America’s economy both domestically and worldwide, yet they’re still not satisfied. The exodus of businesses to friendlier states (Texas, in particular) and even out of the country, will continue until our economic base collapses. I can’t blame them for leaving. Who the hell wants to be demonized for being successful?
      I don’t know how many people have taken Cuomo up on his demand, but it would serve NY right if a large portion, if not a majority, of conservative taxpayers fled the state for more accommodating environments.

      SFC MAC

  2. And yet these folks didn’t ride into town on a Sherman tank with machine guns blazing…they were voted into office and they keep being voted into office by the populous and wouldn’t have any chance to engage in fiscal mayhem if the people who live in these communities didn’t keep voting them in. So I ask you…is the problem that there are crooks among us or that people are so incredibly stupid and short sighted as to keep hanging their money out on trees for the thieves to grab?

    1. Daniel,

      That’s why it’s called a ‘Democratic stronghold’. They can’t do it without a population of derelicts who feel they’re entitled to other people’s money.

      SFC MAC

  3. Constructive Feedback,

    On the contrary. Every single member of the Cleveland City Council is a Democrat. Just because there’s no “D” designation by their names on the Council webpage, it doesn’t change their party affiliation. All you need to do is perform a bio check and basic information on their background to clarify their political party. The Mayor is also a Democrat.

    Lorain’s City Council (with the exeption of one Independent) and Mayor are also Democrats.

    I suggest contacting the council on their webpage, and the Plain Dealer.


  4. Question:

    I am doing research on the “Democraticity” of various cities in the USA in order to challenge the popular assumption that the Democrats benefit the poor and working class.

    Cleveland appears to have a non-partisan city council system and thus I am unable to find the real party affiliation of its members. Though, for example, Atlanta is also non-partisan I am able to detect the respective parties of its members based on continuing news paper accounts.

    Do you have any source of information about the actual party membership of the 21 members of the Cleveland city council?

    Thus far I have Chicago with 49 out of 50 Aldermen as Democrats; Philly with 14 out of 17 city council Democrats; NYC with 47 out of 51 being Democrats; 100% of Baltimore City council Democrats; DC with all but 1 being Democrats and I am working my way down my list as best I can.

    The non-partisian city councils are problematic in my research.

    Do you know of any Democratic party or Cleveland newspaper sources that might assist me?


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