Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Kicked to the Curb


“Moderate” Iranian President Elect Was Part of Secret Assassination Committee.

This committee was allegedly tasked with “recommending individuals for assassination and implementing the extrajudicial killings after the Supreme Leader signed off on the action.” Once Supreme Leader had signed off, “an individual committee member would be charged with implementing the decision.”

Iran allegedly carried out 162 political assassinations between 1979 and 1999–the vast majority of which took place in the 1990s.

According to a 2006 indictment from an Argentinian government prosecutor, Rowhani sat on the committee “when it planned the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.” That bombing “killed 85 people and wounded hundreds more.”

Like I said, same shit, different day.

From Fox News.

Moderate cleric Hasan Rowhani was declared the winner of Iran’s presidential vote on Saturday after gaining support among many reform-minded Iranians looking to claw back a bit of ground after years of crackdowns.

The powerful showing by the former nuclear negotiator allowed him to avoid a two-person runoff and demonstrated the strength of opposition sentiment even in a system that is gamed against it. The ruling clerics barred from the race reform candidates seen as too prominent, allowing a list of hopefuls who were mainly staunch loyalists of the supreme leader.

But the opposition settled on Rowhani as the least objectionable of the bunch, making him the de facto reform candidate.

While Iran’s presidential elections offer a window into the political pecking orders and security grip inside the country — particularly since the chaos from a disputed outcome in 2009 — they lack the drama of truly high stakes as the country’s ruling clerics and their military guardians remain the ultimate powers.

Basically, it’s the same Sharia shit, different day.  The ruling hardline Islamofascist clerics installed another toady by rigging the list of candidates.  Make no mistake, the real power lies with Ayatollah Khamenei and his cabal of henchmen, and Rowhani is no fucking moderate.

Iran has a lengthy history of brutality toward pro-democracy protesters and activists.

Under Islamic law, women and girls are treated like chattel. They are subjected to stoning, rape, “honor killings”, genital mutilation, and arranged marriages to fetid old men.  Cruelty is sanctioned by their Koran, and they practice it every chance they get.

Iran will still race toward building a nuclear bomb, threaten Israel, and export terrorism, regardless of the appointed puppet.

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