Majority of Students at a Baltimore High School Read at an Elementary School Level

This is the legacy of Dem-run cities.


The majority of students at one Baltimore city high school are reading at an elementary level, iReady assessments showed.

Typically the results are never made public but one teacher came forward to Project Baltimore with the scores to show how bad the educational crisis is at Patterson High School, which has a 61 percent graduation rate.

Some high school kids are doing so poorly they’re testing at a Kindergarten level, the results show.

“In reading, 628 Patterson High School students took the test. Out of those students, 484 of them, or 77%, tested at an elementary school reading level. That includes 71 high school students who were reading at a kindergarten level and 88 students reading at a first-grade level. Another 45 are reading at a second-grade level. Just 12 students tested at Patterson High School, were reading at grade level, which comes out to just 1.9%.” (Fox 45 News)

According to the teacher, students are being “pushed through” the system regardless of whether they’re ready.

“Baltimore City Schools has a “one fail” policy, which states, “students cannot be retained a second time prior to ninth grade.” That means students go to the next grade no matter how little work is completed. North Avenue has pointed to studies showing students learn better with grade-level peers saying, “multiple retentions should be a last resort for students.”


Aside from the illiteracy, crime in the city is through the roof.

School administrators have instructed school police officers not to arrest students for serious crimes including assault and burglary.

Corrupt Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, who was just indicted on federal perjury charges, helped defund the police.

They’re more concerned over feelz and “racial equity” than education and justice.

Everything Dems touch turns to shit.



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