Manchester Bomber Identified as Muslim Salman Abedi, Authorities Say Suspect is KNOWN to Them (UPDATED)


From Breitbart

Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber responsible for the Manchester Arena bombing Monday night which left 22 people dead and dozens injured, was reportedly the son of Libyan immigrants and was apparently radicalised while living in one of the country’s most heavily Muslim areas — an area that had terror-related problems before.

……“Manchester’s Libyan community” had terror-related problems before.

Abdalraouf Abdallah, 24, was jailed for nine and a half years last year after being convicted of funding terrorism and preparing acts of terrorism. Abdallah had helped a number of men travel to Syria so they could fight in the civil war. He was unable to travel himself because he is paralysed from the waist down after being shot during the Libyan revolution.

One of the people he helped to send to Syria was Stephen Gray, who had converted to Islam after leaving the air force in 2004. He was jailed for nine years after pleading guilty to terrorist offences.

A family friend told the Guardian that Abedi and Abdallah knew each other.

A neighbour told The New York Times that the family frequently flew a Libyan flag outside the window, while a school friend told the Daily Mail that Abedi had recently grown a beard, and was “acting strange.” Abedi was also reported to have been praying loudly in Arabic in the street.

“They were a Libyan family. A couple of months ago he was chanting the first kalma [Islamic prayer] really loudly in the street. He was chanting in Arabic. He was saying ‘There is only one God and the prophet Mohammed is his messenger’, a neighbor told the Mail.

From Pam Geller

MANCHESTER — CBS News can now confirm authorities believe the suspect responsible for the deadly Manchester Arena attack is 23-year-old Salman Abedi.

Authorities said the suspect is known to them, but wouldn’t release further details….

A second 23-year-old was also arrested Tuesday in South Manchester.

Monday night’s attack was carried out by a lone suspect, but officials are trying to figure out who knew about the attack before hand and if there was a network of people helping.


The only small consolation: he died during the attack.

Like father, like son:

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi’s family had Al Qaeda, ISIS ties, officials say

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi apparently wasn’t the only member of his family to harbor extremist views as a Libyan counter-terrorism force arrested the suicide bomber’s younger brother late Wednesday — and as reports emerged about their father’s past as a member of an Al Qaeda-backed group.

Hashem Abedi, who was born in 1997, was arrested in Tripoli on Wednesday evening by the Libyan counter-terrorism force Rada on suspicion of links to the Islamic State, a Libyan spokesman told Reuters on Wednesday.

Earlier Abdel-Basit Haroun, a former security official in Libya, told The Associated Press Wednesday that he personally knew Ramadan Abedi, the father of Salman Abedi, and that the elder Abedi was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in the 1990s. The group had links to Al Qaeda.

Although the LIFG disbanded, Haroun said the father belongs to the Salafi Jihadi movement, the most extreme sect of Salafism and from which Al Qaeda and the Islamic State group hail. Haroun added that Abedi, also known as Abu Ismail, had returned to the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

And the rest of the family, too:

Father and 3 family members of Manchester jihad bomber arrested, ‘was aware of all details’ and ‘planned own terror attack’:

The brother was arrested in Libya. He sang like a canary and knew everything about the plot to blow up a pop concert filled with little girls. The father was arrested in Libya, too, insisting his suicide bomber son was innocent. Under Islamic law, the father is correct. Murder and mayhem in the cause of Islam is righteous.

……A fifth suspect, believed to be carrying a package, has been arrested in Wigan today as detectives probe a “network” linked to the Manchester suicide bomber.


Britain allows these muzzie vermin into their country by the bushel, panders to them, and covers for their daily atrocities. Expect more attacks.

Speaking of ‘known’, there’s a lot of that going around. Virtually EVERY Islamic terror attack under Obama’s watch was committed by a “Known Wolf” suspect.

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