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……This is probably not the occasion to compare the vast conscript armies who slogged it out on the Western Front a century ago with their solipsistic progeny, the ululating ninnies of Generation Snowflake. This week American universities, now among the most expensive yet worthless institutions on the planet, have held mass “cry-ins” to protest Tuesday’s election. At the University of Michigan, sufferers from PTSD (Post-Trumptastic Stress Disorder) were consoled with Play-Doh and coloring books. Can you imagine any of the teenagers who stormed the beaches of Normandy – boys who were men, and often five, six, seven years younger than today’s elderly “students” – agreeing to participate in anything so ostentatiously self-indulgent as a “cry-in” followed by free Play-Doh?

What comes after the cry-ins? Monisha Rajesh, a journalist with The Guardian and my old newspaper The Sunday Telegraph, is hot for a “presidential assasination“. In 2008, the left were luridly fantasizing about what I called Obama assassination porn – how the bigoted right would surely not wait long to kill the first black president. Eight years later, the same people actively urge the assassination of his successor. They are what they imagine their opponents to be.

……The sights on the streets of American cities are hilarious but also kind of scary: Generation Snowflake is literally (as that fatally cursed coed would say) protesting free elections. The GOP pulled off a hat-trick – the chief executive and both houses of the legislature – not only at the national level, but in half the states. They have two-thirds of the governorships, almost tying the record of 34 gubernatorial mansions set back in 1922. Sixty-nine of 99 state legislative chambers have Republican majorities. John Hinderaker writes:

“As of January, the GOP will control the presidency, the House, the Senate, and an overwhelming majority of state government institutions. Just about the only things the Democrats control will be the press and–far more important–the federal bureaucracy.”

Plus the stultifyingly homogeneous pop culture and the thought-controlled academy – which is why these delicate blooms are horrified to discover that in parts of America it’s apparently still legal to have a different opinion.

The rabid idiocy of the leftwing punks, the hissy fits flung by the media elite, and the tantrums thrown by Hollywood halfwits, is proof of just how far they’ve descended into a black hole of insanity.

They also have absolutely no sense of self awareness and hypocrisy:


Newsflash for the for leftwingnut douchebags: Obama’s policy from the start was to ‘fundamentally transform’ our Democratic Republic into a Socialist nightmare.  You’re goddamned right I wanted him to fail.  His legacy of destruction will take years to unfuck.

Opposition to a SCOAMF like Obama is the most patriotic thing an American citizen can do.

The Dem ‘leadership’ has nothing to say about the violence they fostered.   The American people will only take so much of this bullshit before they fight back.



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