‘Marxist’ Political Commentator Carlos Maza Has Affluent Parents, Lifestyle

A fruitcake and self-described “marxist” known for targeting rich people and getting conservatives banned from social media, was just outed as being a wealthy hypocrite with access to mansions and a yacht.

Via John Levine at The New York Post

Carlos Maza doesn’t like rich people.

The social media socialist with more than 150,000 followers on Twitter and YouTube combined regularly uses his platforms to rail against the wealthy and powerful and urges fans to be skeptical of their opinions.

“Just found out James Carville — who spends his time lecturing Democrats for being ‘too far left’ — lives in an absolutely obscene four-story mansion,” Maza said in one such example from February — blasting the longtime Democratic strategist and posting a photo of Carville’s old home to his Twitter account.

“Dear god can we STOP taking political advice from the ultra-wealthy,” he moaned. “You really have to respect this guy’s grift. Constantly dressing in normal clothes on TV to feign relatability while living like this. Masterful con artist.”

“We should treat gay people the SAME WAY we treat straight people: Eating them when they get too rich,” he said in another post.

Like any good online socialist, Maza raises money for his internet presence through a Patreon account, where “comrades” — a word he uses to describe his supporters — can fund him in increments of $2, $5 and $10 a month.

But if Maza wants to start eating the rich, he may have to begin with his own family.

Through his clan, the millennial firebrand is connected to multiple Florida mega-mansions, a $7.1 million pad on the Upper West Side purchased under an LLC — and a yacht by luxury boat-maker Donzi.

Maza’s mother, Vivian Maza, was one of the first employees at Ultimate Software, a Florida-based behemoth that now employs more than 5,000 people. Starting in 1990 as an office manager, she ultimately rose to become the group’s chief people officer in 2004.

In addition to her day job, Vivian Maza also developed a very close personal relationship with company founder Scott Scherr — so close that an independent assessment of the company in 2016 cited the relationship as a “corporate governance concern.”

The report said the pair were believed to be “more than just co-workers” and have a “familial relationship.” The two later became engaged, and the couple has lived together for years, with Scherr being a de facto stepfather to Carlos.

Public records show Vivian, Scott, Carlos and sister Isabel all registered to vote at a five-bedroom, eight-bathroom waterfront palace in Boca Raton, Florida. The property sold in 2018 for $10.8 million, according to realty website Zillow. Scherr also unloaded a four-bedroom, four-bath home in Weston, Florida, for $1,850,000 in 2015.

Vivian currently resides full-time in a $4.4 million, two-bedroom, three-bath luxury condo in Fort Lauderdale, which she lists as her primary residence, according to a 2020 report filed by LCH 23, LLC — which she controls.

The same LLC purchased a $7,125,000 condo on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in November 2017.

……Maza did not respond to multiple inquiries from The Post, but in a statement posted to Twitter in advance of publication, the fauxcialist fessed up to the silver spoons.

“My mom and her fiance are very wealthy thanks to a software company they started together when I was a kid. As a result I’ve gotten to live a life of tremendous privilege,” he said. Maza acknowledged he had always had a “safety net” should his career as a YouTube star go south, but insisted that “nobody is bankrolling” his effort and that his mother only donates $10 a month.


Not to worry. If his YouTube fame fizzles, Mommy and Daddy will bankroll his lifestyle.

When Levine posted his article to Twitter, Dorsey’s minions didn’t take kindly to a fellow leftie being revealed as a two-faced douchebag.  Levine’s Twitter account was locked because the truth “violates our Twitter rules, specifically our private information policy.”  Levine didn’t have to dig very far to find his financial status. His mother’s and Scott Scherr’s job status is a matter of public record. So, exposing a duplicitous leftwing blowhard ‘violates privacy’ according to Twitter.

In 2019 Maza had a spat with Steven Crowder and orchestrated an online campaign to have the conservative comedian banned from YouTube.  He also encouraged his followers to physically confront, humiliate, and attack political detractors.

Evidently, Maza’s threats didn’t violate Twitter policy.



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