Matt Schlapp on Comey: ‘Good Riddance to Obama’s Enabler’

From his article at The Hill

……Many Democrats will never accept the legitimacy of President Trump, so they have a nationwide movement to collectively put their heads under the covers. Jim Comey is the Benedict Arnold in their progressive revolution, and all expected Comey to be dismissed from his job right after Secretary Clinton raised her right hand. The Democrats benefited twice from the most tumultuous week in U.S. politics that I can recall, at least since the week before: Comey was sacked; and Trump was pillaged by the swamp.

Oftentimes in politics facts matter less than atmospherics. Donald Trump made the right decision in firing Jim Comey. The most compelling reason is that Comey had become a lightning rod: hated by Clinton supporters, distrusted by Bush alumni. Comey convinced the Bush administration with a wink and a nod he was with them, followed by a raised fist to team Obama that he was reliable to their cause. In the end, the only cause to which Comey commits is his own.

……What’s clear is that Jim Comey was a careful lawyer but a dutiful master of his own image. His ambitions were rewarded by Obama when he was installed at the FBI.
Obama and Comey almost made it all the way to the end of Obama’s term without having a potential political conflict affect their collaboration. That was a major accomplishment considering the abuses carried on by Obama administration: Running a program to spy on adversarial reporters; using the IRS to persecute political opponents in Tea Party nonprofits; overseeing a sloppy program of arming violent criminals along the border; orchestrating a cover-up to blame a YouTube video for the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya; and of course the scandals, wrapped in abuse and surrounded by law breaking, concerning the server, emails and smartphones of former-Secretary Clinton and her enablers.
All of these scandals were managed without the selection of a special prosecutor, without anyone being charged with wrongdoing and without any serious political consequences to Obama.

The reputations of Clinton and Comey were destroyed due to Clinton’s law breaking and deception and Comey’s apparent desire to be dutiful to the politics of Obama. That was until he decided that his own brand was being tarnished, and so lurched out with the now-infamous “Comey letter.”

Like so many things with President Trump, he made the right decision to ax Comey, but the turbulence and timing caused him to endure a withering week in the press and gave some additional life to a tired, manufactured scandal.
There are several critical steps Trump needs to take to finally put all the Russia-influence talk to bed. The president needs to select an FBI director who is beyond reproach and independent of all political influences. He needs to continue to cooperate with the investigations about Russia. Finally, the president needs to take stock of how these decisions can be rolled out more smoothly.

The president was elected over six months ago. He has reached a critical moment in the organization of his administration. He has been able to work with his team and see what is working and what is not. He has surrounded himself with good and capable people. Each member of the White House staff will privately admit that they do not always operate as a team, nor is the staff operating in a collaborative enough way that allows the president and vice president to make the very best decisions.

There is plenty of time to tighten up the processes and fill the gaps, but their window is beginning to close. The president is a true leader and at these moments part of leadership is also looking at ways the person at the top can up his game or better showcase his abilities.
Donald Trump is a shrewd political actor. He saw through Comey when others were charmed. He has a cabinet filled with firepower. He has real talent it the West Wing. But the time to organize for success is now, so that in the final quarter of the year we can all celebrate at signing ceremonies fulfilling the president’s big promises and maybe even be put a robe on another Trump Supreme Court pick.

The rank and file agents in the FBI were infuriated over Comey’s decision not to indict Hillary.

The crooked son of a bitch should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, the cover up  of Hillary’s crimes and participating in Obama’s illegal wiretapping of the Trump campaign.

Get someone in charge who will follow the law and the constitution, and hold government officials accountable for their crimes; even if they’re Dems.

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