Medical Official Calls Out Government for Inflated COVID Numbers

A coroner in Colorado is speaking out, saying states across the country are inflating their numbers of COVID-19 deaths.



The recoveries far outweigh the inflated numbers of deaths.  In order to keep the population under control, the hysteria has to be packaged and sold to the gullible masses.

Hospitals using patients to game the system. They’re being encouraged to inflate and falsify COVID deaths for monetary gain.

The CDC has been lying about COVID deaths for awhile.

Doctors speak out on misinformation, but Big Tech censored the video.

Instead of using common sense, people are being frightened into submission and programmed to lash out at anyone who won’t live in fear.

They’re totally unhinged.



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2 thoughts on “Medical Official Calls Out Government for Inflated COVID Numbers”

  1. John D. Egbert

    Back in the dark ages (last week of September-first week of October 2020) the CSC released – quietly on a late Friday afternoon – a report that put correct numbers out in public. At that time, the total number of fatalities in the United States FROM the ChiCom plague was 9,280. The report further stated that the number of reported fatalities WITH the CCp were being over reported by at least 80 percent. I seriously doubt that the ratios have changed to any great degree.

    It would be interesting to see, for comparison purposes, the corresponding figures for the annual garden-variety influenza. Good luck finding them.

    1. John,

      Here’s one of the news reports about that dated 4 months ago:
      “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report late last week showing that just 9,683 Americans, or 6%, died with only COVID-19 listed on their death certificates, leading to a social media trending topic on the issue.
      The other 94% of deaths were listed as having at least one additional medical condition linked to their death.”

      SFC MAC

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