Message to Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH)

This is the latest in a series of emails I’ve sent to Brown and Sutton. Unfortunately, they are leftwing Dems, and even more unfortunate, they are the only representatives in my district. That means these two shitbags will continue to help vote this country down the economic and national security tubes, until they are kicked out of office.

March 15, 2010

Since you Dems are not getting the message over America’s anger at your attempt to take control of our health care, take note of the following.

This is what we want:

The creation of a massive government-run health care entitlement that will add trillions of dollars to the already bloated deficit, with no end in sight, is not the answer. There’s not enough taxpayers to squeeze in this or the next century, to pay for this socialist disaster.

This is NOT about providing better health care to all Americans or saving money on health care. This is about another one of Obama’s power grabs.

So far, he’s engaged in outrageous bank bailouts, huge “stimulus” payoffs to special interests, nationalization of the auto industry, and proposing an ideological-based tax on energy (the “Cap and Trade” scam).

Obama has been making it perfectly clear as far back as 2003 that he favors a single-payer system. Single-payer is simply a code word for “government”, with one entity footing the bill. Guess who that is.

Here’s some common sense solutions:

1. Enact tort reform.
2. Preserve the rights of individuals to choose their own private insurance and negotiate with their employer for programs that fit their needs.
3. The Republicans submitted several good alternatives to ObamaCare, and every single one was dismissed by the Dems. They contain preventive health care, tax credits, reduction of fraud and abuse in existing federal health care programs, and tort reform.

The Patient’s Choice Act of 2009

Health Care Freedom Plan, S. 1324

Empowering Patients First Act, H.R. 3400

Others, like CEO John Mackey’s:

have overlapping good points, and are a step in the right direction. I would glean the best, most comprehensive parts from each and combine them into one simple bill.The founders who wrote the Constitution believed that a government that rules least rules best; in other words, they intended that government intrusion into the lives and well-being of Americans should be limited.

Have you bothered to read ANY of the ObamaCare bills? I have. You Democrats don’t even care what’s in this train wreck, you just want to pass it as another step toward government-controlled health care; a system to which you would never subject yourselves.  There are so many reckless flaws in ObamaCare, not the least of which are deep cuts in Medicare, a substantial rise in taxpayer subsidies, an increase in health care costs, a decline in the quality of care, and a severe restriction of choice. The government will determine if, when, and how you will be treated, especially if you are seriously ill.

The arrogance and hubris of this socialist regime is astounding.  You megalomaniacs are perfectly willing to flush our economy and health care down the toilet to acquire power over life and death decisions.

You cannot force everyone into government-run health care, overload the system, tax people until they’re broke, and spend trillions on a socialist fantasy, without paying an awful price in quality, patient care rationing, and in a monstrous deficit. The so-called “public option” is a plan to seize total control of our healthcare system and force government-mandated rationing of healthcare. Period.  People with serious illnesses would die before they ever got to see a doctor.  That’s the bottom line of ObamaCare.

November is coming.

The standard response I get is a form letter with the usual bullshit about how what they think they do is important for America…blah…blah…blah…Your views on this and other aspects of health reform are welcomed, and I will keep them in mind as Congress moves forward….blah…blah…blah…
The tapdancing makes Fred Astaire look like a fucking amateur.

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