Mexico Frees Murderers of U.S. Border Patrol Agents

Our ‘freinds’ the Mexicans:

U.S. officials say they are outraged that a judge in Mexico has released a man suspected of killing a Yuma border agent this year by ramming a Humvee into the agent’s all-terrain vehicle.

The release of 22-year-old Jesus Navarro Montes comes as U.S. Border Patrol agents grapple with an increase in vehicle-ramming attacks along the Mexican border in recent years.

Since Oct. 1, the Border Patrol in Arizona has logged 24 truck assaults on agents or their barricades along the border. The number hit a record 44 the previous year, which was before work crews built dozens of miles of vehicle barriers along the Arizona-Sonora line.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement says its agents also have seen a steady increase in vehicle attacks in recent months, although ICE does not keep statistics.

The ICE doesn’t keep track of illegals, either.

Navarro’s release last week, which since has come to U.S. officials’ attention, drew outrage from the Border Patrol and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

In a written statement Wednesday, Chertoff said, “We are shocked and appalled,” calling the death of Agent Luis Aguilar “a heinous act of violence.” Paul Beeson, head of the Border Patrol’s Yuma Sector, said he was “outraged” at the news.

Chertoff should be even more shocked and appalled at the fact that two border agents were imprisoned in 2006 for doing their jobs.

But one Mexican official suggested it was U.S. authorities’ failure to act that led to Navarro’s release.

“The U.S. has not issued an arrest warrant or an extradition request and has presented no evidence of Navarro’s guilt,” said Ricardo Alday, spokesman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Yeah, maybe we shoulda sent Duane “Dog” Chapman, the Bounty Hunter, to get the sonofabitch since the government won’t do it. He had success nabbing a fugitive serial rapist, Andrew Luster, who fled to Mexico in 2003. Chapman was not only charged by the Mexican government for ‘kidnapping’, but arrested by the imbeciles in the Federal Marshals for doing the job they refused. All charges were subsequently dropped.

……Aguilar, a Yuma Sector agent, was killed in January when he laid a spike strip to stop a suspicious truck from returning to Mexico through the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in California.

A Humvee struck Aguilar, 32, and crossed the border. Navarro, accused of being the driver, was arrested later in Mexicali. Navarro was held in a Mexican jail on prior human-smuggling charges until his release last week.

The diplomatic exchange over Navarro’s release comes as the Bush administration pushes for a $1.6 billion aid package to help Mexican law enforcement fight its drug war.

How about spending that money to build a BORDER WALL, George?

BTW: The scumbag illegal shot by the wrongfully imprisoned agents, was himself arrested:

EL PASO, Texas — The arrest of an admitted Mexican drug smuggler shot by a pair of U.S. Border Patrol agents is prompting renewed calls for the former law-enforcement officials’ release from prison.

Osvaldo Aldrete Davila was arrested Thursday at an international port of entry in El Paso; a sealed indictment issued in October charged him with drug smuggling offenses.

“These guys absolutely need to be pardoned,” Rep. Tom Tancredo, R.-Colo., told FOX News on Friday.

The agents, Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos, were convicted last year of shooting Aldrete and lying about it. The agents were each sentenced to more than a decade in prison.

“This whole thing with Davila shows you how rotten the deal is they got,” Tancredo said.

Gotta love the ass-backwards mentality of the Department of Homeland Stupidity.

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