Mike the Wisconsin Leftwingnut “Crying Man” Calls Conservative Radio Show, Crashes and Burns

Remember the widdoo cwybaby who sobbed “Democracy is dead” after Scott Walker won the recall election in Wisconsin?


Well, he decided to phone Vicki McKenna who hosts an afternoon show on 1130AM WISN, to explain why he thinks  “democracy is dead”.


The reasons:  His side got “outspent”.   The Dems and their union pals, who spent millions as well, were ‘outspent’ by Walker’s supporters, and that somehow oppressed the “will of the people.”  Oh yeah, and the people were lied to!  The host and the co-hosts had a field day with the little douche.  She cut him off after he screamed shit like: “I’m your worst god damned nightmare”, and just generally collapsed into a heap of nonsensical crap.

Wisconsin airwaves were saturated with pro-Barrett ads. The leftwing MSM in the state and across the country did everything they could to slam Walker and promote the union-backed Tom Barrett.

Apparently, democracy dies only when the Left gets its ass handed to it.

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