‘Million Student’ Morons and ‘Concerned Students’ Thugs Throw Tantrums on College Campuses

million student march moron

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Aren’t you cute, with the sign and clenched fist. You’re a brave little boy. What a hipster. What an activist. ‘Troof ta powa’!

Get ready for “Occupy”, redux.

Neal Cavuto interviewed a ‘million student’ organizer and asked her who she thinks should pay for all the free stuff they want. Hilarity ensued.

Keely Mullen, an organizer for the Million Student March movement, joined Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto on the air Thursday to discuss the movement’s demands for free public college, student debt cancellation and a $15-an-hour minimum wage for student workers. In the awkward 9-minute interview, Cavuto repeatedly cited facts and figures that seemed to fluster the student.

When asked who would pick up the tab for the demands she listed, Mullen said, “The 1 percent of people who are hoarding the wealth and causing a catastrophe students are facing.”

“If the 1 percent just had their taxes raised a few years ago back to almost 40 percent then to pay for the healthcare law, they had them raised another few percentage points, then they had their deductions limited to raise another couple points — depending on the state or locality — they’re pushing over about 50 percent in taxes,” Cavuto told Mullen. “How much more do you think they should pay?”

Cavuto’s question, asked within the first two minutes of the interview, became the centerpiece of the entire discussion, as Mullen was unable to provide a clear answer.



……And when asked if she and her friends and family would pay more in taxes for her demands, she said “we already are.” However, according to Forbes, 45 percent of households pay no federal income taxes.

Cavuto asked Mullen where the money would come from should “these 1 percent hoarders” leave the country, and Mullen insisted there would always be wealthy people in the U.S. However, later in the interview, Cavuto told his guest that countries around the world, using Greece as an example, have run out of money because the top earners are fleeing.

When Cavuto asked her if she think the 1 percent could actually fund all her demands, Mullen said, “Absolutely.” However, Cavuto claimed taxing the 1 percent at 100 percent wouldn’t even fund Medicare for three years — let alone all of her demands for free services.

Mullen is a naive, ignorant, leftwing tool who believes that the wealthy people in America never worked a day in their lives and they’re evil capitalists who oppress the other 99%. Economics and reality elude her. If she represents the future of this country, we’re fucked.

You just can’t make up this shit.  So much for “white allies”: Cornell cancels protest supporting black students because it was led by whites.

More news from the ‘alliance’: Mizzou demonstrators segregate whites to form ‘black only’ healing space.  They need time to reflect on all that “white slave master oppression”.

The Dean of Claremont McKenna College resigned because the students claimed she had not done enough to “create a safe space on campus for students from marginalized backgrounds.”

“What do we want?” “

A “safe space” for our idiotic tantrums!”

“When do we want it?”


Remember that black Mizzou ‘hunger striker’ protesting “white privilege”? His family’s net worth is $20 million.

And get a load of this:


White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader

Some things I’m thinking about that should change (in that Southern, black grandmama voice):

1. White people, if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.

2. White people, if you’re inheriting property you intend to sell upon acceptance, give it to a black or brown family. You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way.

3. If you are a developer or realty owner of multi-family housing, build a sustainable complex in a black or brown blighted neighborhood and let black and brown people live in it for free.

4. White people, if you can afford to downsize, give up the home you own to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.

5. White people, if any of the people you intend to leave your property to are racists assholes, change the will, and will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.

6. White people, re-budget your monthly so you can donate to black funds for land purchasing.

7. White people, especially white women (because this is yaw specialty — Nosey Jenny and Meddling Kathy), get a racist fired. Yaw know what the fuck they be saying. You are complicit when you ignore them. Get your boss fired cause they racist too.

8. Backing up No. 7, this should be easy but all those sheetless Klan, Nazi’s and Other lil’ dick-white men will all be returning to work. Get they ass fired. Call the police even: they look suspicious.

9. OK, backing up No. 8, if any white person at your work, or as you enter in spaces and you overhear a white person praising the actions from yesterday, first, get a pic. Get their name and more info. Hell, find out where they work — Get Them Fired. But certainly address them, and, if you need to, you got hands: use them.

10. Commit to two things: Fighting white supremacy where and how you can (this doesn’t mean taking up knitting, unless you’re making scarves for black and brown kids in need), and funding black and brown people and their work.


Trigger warning: That’s quite a racist and sexist manifesto, you squalling she-ass. You don’t get to decide what I can and cannot say or do.

The stupidity is contagious. It’s breaking out in campuses across America, where self-absorbed liberal white L’Enfant Terribles with an unearned sense of entitlement, along with disgruntled neo black panther punks who see phantom KKK and racist boogeymen around every corner, behind every door, and under their beds, are in a rabid state of bat-shit crazy.

And you knew this was coming: Black student group threatens bloodshed over the Constitution:

A well-established black student coalition is calling for violence if the U.S. Constitution is not replaced with a version that serves “the interests of black people.”

Afrikan Black Coalition was created in 2003 to connect activists across the University of California system. It has gone from concentrating on the low admittance and retention rates of black students in California to developing leadership and communication skills for members.

The group posted an op-ed, “A New Constitution or the Bullet,” Nov. 4 against a backdrop of racial tension at campuses across the U.S.

“I have come to realize that the Constitution is the root of virtually all our problems in America. In order to understand the injustices against Black folks in United States, we must look back to its foundation. The U.S. is a country that was founded on slavery, genocide, rape, and white-male patriarchy,” the group wrote. “A body cannot be separated from its head and remain living. The Constitution and all the evil that it allows to be perpetuated are the head of White America, or more so corrupt America. Racist America. … A Constitution written by only white men will never serve the interests of black people. The Constitution was written for the ruling class of white men which constructed whiteness to be more valuable than any other race.”

This is the author of the OpEd:

Brother-B African Black coalition punk

Ima thug.

And guess who’s their ideological mentor:

The Afrikan Black Coalition’s current executive director, Salih Muhammad, is a native of Oakland, California. He graduated in 2009 from the Muhammad University of Islam in Chicago, Illinois. Muhammad also attended UC Berkeley and chaired its Black Student Union. He now teaches high school in Oakland.

Paging the DHS, DOJ, and FBI. You should be scrutinizing these miscreants.

This whole ‘million student’, ‘concerned students’ shit is fomented by leftwing, muzzie, and black radical groups.  Part of the blame can be placed on their parents, part of it on their indoctrination, and part of it on their intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

Breitbart has been keeping a running tally on the crazy-assed radical students. Here’s a sampling:

19.51 ET
Sister Souljah has responded to racial unrest on college campuses by blasting Hillary Clinton, reports TIME. “She reminds me too much of the slave plantation white wife of the white ‘master.’” If you say so, sister…

Well “Sister Souljah” is onto something. The Dems have quite a racist history. They created Jim Crow and the KKK served as their terrorist wing.  Funny how she forgets that B. Hussein Obama is part of the party that keeps blacks on their plantation.

19.27 ET
From Allum Bokhari: “Here’s something a little different, but equally mind-boggling. The Students Association at the University of Minnesota has rejected a resolution to hold an annual day of remembrance for 9/11. According to Campus Reform, the student government said the day of remembrance would create an ‘unsafe’ environment on campus, and others argued that the emphasis on an act of terror committed by non-whites could increase racist attitudes on campus. Amazing.”

Yeah, let’s not offend the ‘non-white’ muzzie cutthroats who attacked this country and killed almost 3000 people.  Thank gawd these little shitbirds weren’t around during Pearl Harbor.

19.24 ET

Oh my gawd…I can’t even.

Targets of the perpetually outraged liberals: white people, straight people, Republicans, conservatives, black Republicans, Christians, Halloween,  gender-specific bathrooms, critics of Islam,  critics of the ‘black lives matter’ thuggery, critics of illegal aliens and their cohorts, and anyone who doesn’t get into the whole pussified ‘diversity’ agenda.  ‘Microaggression‘, the fatuous debate over the Confederate battle flag, the tactics by the Gaystapo, and censorship of free speech are by-products of leftwing demagoguery.

Society is under siege from PC Nazis who want to shape your opinions, lifestyle, behavior, and principles to their jackbooted leftwing new world order. It’s not enough to simply disagree and argue with an opinion; death threats, harassment on social media, intimidation, and violence are the methods of leftwing political discourse.

The leftwing academic intelligentsia can pat themselves on the back.  These are their spawns. They own this Lord of the Flies/1984 mashup.  They nurtured the cultural fascism that has metastasized in American universities.



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