Milton Friedman on Responsibility to the Poor

This is a video clip of a speech given by economist Milton Friedman at Stanford University in 1978. His analysis is just as relevent now as then.

He responded to a question by a student: “How free are the poor, how free are the unemployed, how free are the people who are disadvantaged? What is government’s role?”


Some excellent quotes:

  • “Government doesn’t have any responsibility. People have responsibility.”
  • “There has never been a more effective machine for eliminating poverty than the free enterprise system and the free market.”
  • “If you look at the real problems of poverty and the denial of freedom to people in this country, almost every single one of them is the result of government action.”
  • “We have constructed a governmental welfare scheme, which has been a machine for producing poor people.”
  • Hat Tip to Neal Boortz.

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