Minnesota Muzzie Cop Sentenced to Over 12 Years for Killing Innocent Woman

“Affirmative action”, Dhimmi style.

Hat Tip to Christine Douglas Williams at Jihad Watch


KTTC, June 7, 2019:

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (KTTC) – A former Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk Damond after she approached his squad car was sentenced to more than twelve years in prison Friday morning.

Hennepin County Judge Kathryn Quaintance issued the sentence in a Minneapolis courtroom. Sentencing guidelines called for anywhere between 10.5 and 15 years in prison.

Mohamed Noor read a letter to the court minutes before he was sentenced.

“I’ve owed Ms. Ruszczyk’s family for a long time. I apologize…for taking the life of such a perfect person,” Noor said.

“I took great pride in wearing a uniform,” he added.

Members of Damond’s family read victim statements to the judge before the sentencing.
“The day of July 15, 2017, was the last time I felt a since of happiness ,a sense of trust…that everything could be okay,” said Don Damond, who was engaged to Justine.

Part of his statement took the form of a letter addressed to his late fiancée.

“I miss you so much everyday,” he read, holding back tears.

A jury convicted Noor on third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter charges in April after a tense trial. The defense argued he used reasonable force and acted in self-defense….


Robert Spencer weighed in about the dire impact of identity politics at play in Noor’s hiring:

This proves the truth of what I have said all along about this case: Mohamed Noor was not competent to be a police officer. If he had not been a Somali and a Muslim, he never would have been on the force at all. Identity politics kills. If there is any lesson to be drawn from the killing of Justine Ruszczyk Damond, that is it. The city of Minneapolis was so eager to have a Somali Muslim police officer on the force that it hired a man who had been found incompetent to hold the job. Even worse, Minneapolis officials did not fire him even when he proved that he was indeed unfit to be a cop.

Fox News has reported that “the former Minneapolis police officer charged in the shooting death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond once put a gun to a driver’s head during a traffic stop and sometimes ignored calls, according to court filings indicating that psychiatrists and training officers voiced concerns about his fitness for duty.”

Not only that, but “[Mohamed] Noor was flagged by two psychiatrists during a pre-hiring evaluation in early 2015. The psychiatrists said he seemed unable to handle the stress of regular police work and exhibited an unwillingness to deal with people.”

The psychiatrists added: “Noor was more likely than other candidates to become impatient with others over minor infractions, have trouble getting along with others, to be more demanding and to have a limited social support network. The psychiatrists said he ‘reported disliking people and being around them.’”


Following the shooting, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges in a display of depraved indifference, immediately sucked up to the local muzzies and declared that  “that the real victims are not those who were killed or wounded, but the muslim community” and she warned against “Islamophobia”.

Hodges is a real fucking piece of muzzie-pandering work. This ignorant scrunt has decided that radical muzzie terrorists are more important than the safety and security of American citizens. She installed a ‘hot line’ to report ‘Islamophobia’ and wore a hijab to show solidarity with Somali muslims during a meeting in April 2004.

Minnesota is a state known for embracing Islamofascists and far-Left DemProg shit stains.

The Islamic insurgency is flooding Minnesota.  It’s become a hotbed for muzzie extremists. It leads the nation in would-be ISIS members; Minneapolis is a major recruiting center.  The Somali population in the state is producing its fair share of terrorists.  They travel overseas to join al-Shabab, the al-Qaida affiliate in Somalia, and ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  There’s nothing to stop them from reentering the U.S. and committing more terrorist acts here.

They elected a state representative–Ilhan Omar–who was married to her brother and is part of an Islamic cabal pushing cultural jihad and Sharia law.  A look at her background and political tactics clearly demonstrates that her allegiance is with radical muzzie terrorists and their efforts to create a new Caliphate.

None of them should be allowed into America let alone in a government office.

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