More Embarrassment: Biden Gives Enemies a List of Things They’re Not Supposed to Hack

‘Buffoon’ doesn’t begin to describe him.

Greg Gutfeld

JOE BIDEN: “I talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructure should be off limits to attack, period. By cyber any other means I gave them a list. 16 specific entities. 16 defined as critical infrastructure under U.S. policy. From the energy sector to our water systems.”

GUTFELD: I am dumbstruck. So dumbstruck, in fact that I believe I could now host The View in play all five parts. He acts like this is an achievement. He tells Putin what’s off limits for attack. Does that suggest that everything not on that list are on limits? Putin has the perfect defense if he wants to hack SpaceX. All right. Sorry, it wasn’t on the list. Now I went through this list because like Miley Cyrus has asked, it’s available for everyone to see.

It’s on the CISA Web site. So we can all reference it. And there’s a lot there that Joe didn’t put in there like say Fox News, or my duplex in Damascus. But don’t we all see how weird this is to give your adversary boundaries? Like he’s your dominatrix? Spank me but no tickling? It’s like a mobster who’s about to be whacked but asked his killers. No, please not in the face, which guarantees himself a closed casket.

Asking bullies nicely doesn’t even work against Chrissy Teigen. If Joe were any more naïve, he’d be sending a plane full of cash to Iran….

……GUTFELD: That list is like leaving a note on your front door as you leave for vacation. Robbers, if you think of breaking in please do not target the safe behind the painting in the living room, or the wife’s diamonds in the bedroom dresser. And most important, do not check the red container in the basement. That’s where we keep Walt Disney’s head. Biden’s list is as effective as a drug use is prohibited sign at Charlie Sheen’s house.

How can you be so clueless to give a world leader a list of our vulnerabilities? Put is the president of Russia. He’s not your shrink. Now I get it. The list is generic and obvious. So is Applebee’s menu but I’m still going to try a few things. There’s this mention of dams. Who knew you could hack a dam? But now we all do. Thanks, Joe. And you thought of making this list in the first place? Could you imagine the brainstorming meeting?

Hey, the boss asked us to come up with demands for Putin. Well, I got an idea. They’ve been launching cyberattacks. Why don’t we give them a list of stuff not to cyberattack? That should solve the problem. Yes, great idea, Pat. And here we thought hires for the sake of diversity were worthless. And what did they expect Putin’s response? Oh, thank you so much. This is a much better gift than that stupid reset button.

I’m going to have to rethink our plan to attack these places. The Biden staff think this would start a negotiation. Prison Putin. Here are the 16 places we’d like you not to target. Oh, thank you, President Biden. We’ll back off on the post office. They seem capable of in competence on their own. But we’d still like to target the energy sector, the chemical and critical manufacturing. Well, OK, Mr. Putin. That’s progress.

So we’ve gone from Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall to please Mr. Putin, don’t attack this firewall. Look, I’m no presidential historian….But….we know Biden’s weak and Putin’s not. We also know that Putin is blessed with always being in charge while we change leaders every four to eight years. He’s Bill Belichick and we are the New York Jets changing head coaches constantly.

Biden to Putin: “Here’s a list of things you’re not supposed to attack”



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