More Leftwing ‘Civility’

Jackasses. Every damned one of them.

Barack Obama’s difficulties are the result of racism: It has been a frequently recurring theme ever since he emerged as a serious presidential candidate. Obama himself has raised it occasionally, though not often, but his supporters fall back on it all the time–including now.

Here’s DeWayne Wickham in yesterday’s USA Today:

“This total lack of respect is downright contemptible–if not unpatriotic. Such contempt, I’m convinced, is rooted in something other than political differences. . . . The presence of Jim Crow, Jr.–a more subtle form of racism–is there.”

……Writing at, Michael Lind puts the racism charge in less personal terms. “In the House of Representatives,” he writes, “the Tea Party faction that has used the debt ceiling issue to plunge the nation into crisis is overwhelmingly Southern in its origins”:

“The South sought to block the federal civil rights revolution by a policy of “massive resistance” to court orders ordering racial integration. Some Southern states went so far as to try to abolish their public school systems rather than integrate them. It is hard to avoid seeing a link between this racist rationale for privatization and modern conservative plans to scale back Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, relied on disproportionately by black and brown Americans and low-income whites, while increasing taxpayer subsidies to private retirement and healthcare accounts enjoyed mostly by affluent whites.”

Froma Harrop, a member of The [Providence] Journal’s editorial board and a syndicated columnist:

Make no mistake: The tea party Republicans have engaged in economic terrorism against the United States–threatening to blow up the economy if they don’t get what they want. And like the al-Qaida bombers, what they want is delusional: the dream of restoring some fantasy caliphate. . . . Americans are not supposed to negotiate with terrorists, but that’s what Obama has been doing. . . . That the Republican leadership couldn’t control a small group of ignoramuses in its ranks has brought disgrace on their party. But oddly, Obama’s passivity made it hard for responsible Republicans to control their destructive children. The GOP extremists would ask Obama for his firstborn, and he’d say, ‘OK.’ So they think, why not ask for his second-born, to which he responds, ‘Let’s talk.’ “–Froma Harrop syndicated column, Aug. 2

BTW, Harrop is the head of a group called the  “Civility Project”.

These pathetic unhinged moonbats use stereotypes, throwing the race card, epithets, demands for censorship, and creative revison of history to smear a grassroots movement of people who will not tolerate unconstitutional Big Government and the socialist destruction of our economy.  We remain steadfast. We will not give up or give in. That drives the Left to distracted lunacy.

Their level of hysteria is in direct proportion to the success of the Tea Party’s influence, and right now they’re as crazy as a shithouse rat.

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