More of Biden’s Stashed Classified Documents Discovered at Second Location

Biden’s lawyers are trying to get ahead of the upcoming investigations into his family’s corruption, by tampering with evidence.

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Aides to President Joe Biden have reportedly discovered a second batch of classified documents stored at a separate location, according to NBC News, which cited a “person familiar with the matter.”

Reports emerged earlier this week that a lawyer clearing out Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington had discovered a set of classified documents which reportedly included intelligence on Ukraine, Iran and the UK. The documents were discovered in November and handed over to the government. The National Archives has asked the Department of Justice to investigate the matter.

The location of the second batch, as well as the number and nature of the documents, remains unclear, per NBC and confirmed by other news sources. The Biden administration says they had been searching for any misplaced classified materials following the November discovery.

Revelations of a second batch further undercut the White House’s furious condemnation of former President Donald Trump over his alleged mishandling of classified materials. The FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago estate on Aug. 8, 2022, seeking classified materials he may have removed from the White House. Trump had previously complied with a subpoena and voluntarily handed over some classified materials before the raid.

Republicans have labeled the investigation into Trump as a partisan smear campaign, as has Trump himself. The House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to create a subcommittee to explore the “weaponization” of the federal government, which Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan will likely lead. Said panel could conceivably review the DOJ’s actions against the former president.

While Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to oversee the DOJ’s Trump-related affairs, he has not done likewise for matters involving Biden, further infuriating Republicans who have seized on whistleblower allegations of political bias within the DOJ.

Republicans have pounced on the revelations, with Texas GOP Rep. Troy Nehls demanding Garland appoint a special counsel. House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., meanwhile, shared the NBC article with the quoted phrase “Totally Irresponsible,” referencing Biden’s condemnation of Trump after the discovery of documents at his estate.

Biden’s transgression was done with the intent to hide the documentation of his criminal acts with Ukraine and the ChiComs.

Just the News

Recent revelations surrounding classified documents found in Joe Biden’s private think tank office have not only turned the Mar-a-Lago raid investigation on its head, it also has revived scrutiny of the many ties China has to America’s first family and its effort to use academia to spy in America.

The classified memos from the Obama administration, disclosed on Monday, were actually found last November inside the offices Biden used at the Penn-Biden Center, a think tank setup by the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania (Penn).

Long before the documents were found, the Penn-Biden Center was the focus of a watchdog complaint because its parent university had received large sums of money — estimated to be at least $54 million — in the time period around when Biden joined the group. This raised the specter of Chinese donors having helped fund the nearly $1 million in personal pay Biden received from the think tank.

The center, which was announced in 2017 and opened one year later, was set up the same year that Biden’s son Hunter was creating a joint venture with Chinese officials in a company called CEFC to pursue natural gas deals within the United States which would have benefitted the communist nation.

Hunter Biden even offered his father a set of keys to the office for the new venture in 2017, the emails showed.

The Biden family drew scrutiny from Congressional investigators for receiving a no-interest, forgivable loan from the Chinese partners, according to emails found on a Hunter Biden laptop, which was seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2019.

By 2017, Biden family dealings with China were far more extensive than just the CEFC. Hunter Biden took a trip aboard Air Force II, his father’s vice presidential jet, in December 2013 to create an investment fund with Chinese officials. In 2015, he helped facilitate the sale of an American firm called Heninges that produced sensitive U.S. military jet parts.

The web of Chinese deals and contacts — one of Hunter Biden’s Chinese associates Patrick Ho was eventually arrested and convicted — has many in the GOP now believing China’s monetary contributions to Penn were no accident. It may even be possible that China could have accessed sensitive information from the Bidens as a result.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer raised that very issue on Tuesday in a letter to the White House.

“President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, also planned to share an office with an individual affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, which raises questions about who else had access to these highly sensitive documents because of President Biden’s ‘totally irresponsible’ actions,” Comer wrote.

“Any amount of money from China should be examined closely by all branches of the USG,” former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told JustTheNews.

“The fact that this is in the tens of millions makes it even more alarming,” said Nunes. “I find it hard to believe the DOJ and FBI wouldn’t know about this amount of money and who’s connected to it. Follow the money!”

This controversy comes at an inconvenient time for Democrats, as the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to establish a subcommittee to investigate U.S.-China strategic competition. The final tally was 365-65. New Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was credited with spearheading the effort to massage the wording of the proposal so it would be broad enough to garner broad bipartisan support.

……Biden claims he had no knowledge of how the documents ended up in his office.

“No knowledge”.  That’s a fucking lie. Those classified documents Biden hid from everyone, including the National Archives, have been there since 2017. He did not have the authority to possess or declassify them.

The upcoming investigation into the Biden Crime Family should include all the documents Biden squirreled away.


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