More Violence From Leftwing Thugs

Paging Queen Nancy. How come you’re not in front of the cameras choking up over “creating a climate of violence” like in “the late ’70s in San Francisco”?


Via Big Government.

The violent left has attacked conservative activists protesting big government, big spending and big bailout scheme proposed by Congress. Tea Party activists in Tampa and St. Louis were beaten by left wing activists earlier this year. Add Greensboro to that list. This week, a group of local citizens in North Carolina protesting the Financial Reform bill and the Durbin BP Bailout amendment were accosted and then physically attacked by a left-wing activist who blamed George Bush for America’s ills.

The video:



Like a bad cold it can’t shake, the left continues to attempt to blame every ill on George W. Bush. But as one activists in the video pointed out, its actually one Barack Obama and Senator Dick Durbin who are about to hand a massive check to the very company responsible for one of the worst environmental disasters in history.

The Durbin Amendment to the financial reform bill is the latest government policy proposal that will pad BP’s bottom line. The amendment would create a government imposed price control scheme that would shift billions of dollars away from consumer to retailers (British Petroleum, Exxon, WalMart). That’s why the Durbin Amendment is supported by the big retailers like Walmart, Petroleum Marketers Association and other prominent lobbyist groups which are funded, in part, by British Petroleum.

……None of this seems to bother left wing activists and members of Congress. Left wing activists are willing to beat conservatives who are speaking out against this monstrosity. Unfortunately, the real damage will be done to our economy and free market system and will be injured for years to come.

If the victim were black and the perpetrator white, Al Sharpton would have been all over this like stink on shit.

Tea Party patriots hold loud, non-violent demonstrations against a socialist oligarcy and its abuse of power, and get labeled every vile epithet the Dems can muster.

Their reign of terror will end in November.

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