More WaPo Idiocy: ‘Trump is Complicit With Hurricane’

This is not The Onion.


WaPo journos have loose screws that need to be tightened with a pharmaceutical wrench.

This is coming from the same execrable rag that thinks America has a ‘surfeit of democracy‘  and Islamofascists are just ‘misunderstood’.

The WaPo leads the pack when it comes to abject hatred for President Trump and his reversal of the damage Obama did to this country.

President Trump drives the Dems and their media tools crazy.

If, as the WaPo suggests, that President Trump is ‘complicit’ with a hurricane, maybe he can be ‘complicit’ with another natural disaster that rids America of rabid liberal vermin; like a plague that singles them out. Or a massive earthquake that tears the cesspool of California away from the U.S. and out to sea.  Or a massive blaze at 1150 15th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C.

We can dream, can’t we?



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