Morgan Freeman Spews the ‘Tea Party is Racist’ Line

LTC Allen West, Herman Cain, The Crispus Attucks Tea Party, and Kenneth Gladney, would beg to differ.

Opines Freeman:

The Tea Partyists, who are controlling the Republican party…their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only served one term. What underlines that? Screw the country. We’re gonna do whatever we can do to get this black man…outta here”

Link to video:

More at Media Research Center:

Freeman insists that if it wasn’t about color we would have gotten rid of Bill Clinton. (We tried. Hard.)  He goes on to describe Tea Party patriotism as the ‘weak, dark underside’ of America and “we’re supposed to be better than that….that’s why all those people were in tears when Obama was elected president”.

The ‘weak, dark side’ of our political system has been demonstrated quite well by malfeasant Democrats from the time Obama took office until we ousted their Congressional majority in November of 2010.  They held our Democratic Republic hostage.  They shut the GOP and the American people out of the process. They rammed through unconstitutional government-run health care legislation and lashed out at citizens who opposed it.  They call good, decent people “terrorists”, “nazis”, “KKK”, “white supremacists”, “racist”, and a variety of other epithets, for respecting the constitution and demanding that elected representatives do the same.  The talking heads at NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC contribute their share to the slander as well.  Union thugs, the enforcement arm of the democratic party, beat whistle blowers, attempt murder, make death threats, and commit assault and battery.  They’re the fucking underbelly.

Herman Cain has a few words for Freeman:

Better watch it, Mr. Cain. Freeman might label you “racist”.

The Tea Party represents a threat to everything the Left holds dear; anti-capitalism, suppression of free market enterprise, and control of the populace through socialist power grabs. We scare the shit out of effetes; Hollywood, politicians, and MSM alike. Get used to it Freeman.

The race card has been flung so much, it’s lost any effect. When it comes to race, that’s the main reason minorities and leftwing sycophants voted for Obama in the first place. They chose pigment over substance and now along with their buyer’s remorse, they’re spitting more hate at patriots who say “we told you so”.   We hate Obama because of his Marxist destruction of our national security, foreign policy, and economy.  We hate Obama because he feeds the maws of the worst his party has to offer.  He’s a corrupt little man with corrupt friends and associates.  He was raised with a resentful grudge against America by communist parents and he uses his position to wreak havoc. 

Freeman is absolutely correct about one thing. We will do everything we can to make Obama a one term president. 

Freeman, like most Hollywood halfwits, takes advantage of the public megaphone that goes along with their fame. Fine. We have our own voice, and you won’t like the response.

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3 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman Spews the ‘Tea Party is Racist’ Line”

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  2. davisoftheapes1

    My distaste for the Presidency of Barak Obama and Liberalism in general has absolutely “nothing” to do with race. It has to do with being a conservative. I “sincerely” hope that Herman Cain’s campaign “takes off” and soars to the top of the list and he is, in fact, our candidate in Nov. 2012. I WILL vote for him in the primary and pray that I am allowed to vote for him in the general election. I’d vote for Allen West in a heartbeat. I’m sick to death of being accused of being a racist because I’m a white, conservative male who loves Jesus, owns guns, goes to church, thinks home schooling is a good idea, wants to implement the “Fair Tax.” I’m not horrified and ashamed of being a heterosexual. (I sort of like lesbians.) (Not ugly lesbians who have a bigger mustache than me, but, stone cold babe lesbians.) Anyway, I like Morgan Freeman in the movies, but am just now finding out I don’t like his politics. That’s okay though, I still watch some Barbra Streisand movies, and don’t like her politics either. I wouldn’t watch Joy Behar or Rosie O’Donnel if my life depended on it.

    1. davisoftheapes1,
      I am in total agreement. When the Left loses the war of ideas, they resort to throwing the race card and labels of “nazi”, “white supremacist”, etc. I would love to see LTC (Congressman) West run for president. He’s a hell of a person, patriot, and leader. Being a straight female, I don’t get into the male attraction for lesbians thing, (I don’t mind two hunks going at it) but the rest of the points; fair tax, gun ownership, et al, I support. I served 30 years in the United States Army and I’m a retired Sergeant First Class. (read the “about me and this blog” section) I believe in the Constitution and our Democratic Republic. I believe our government should be overhauled to a much smaller version in keeping with the founder’s idea that the ‘government that rules least rules best’. I believe in rugged individualism, free market enterprise, and putting America’s security and welfare first in foreign policy.
      As time goes on and more Hollywood miscreants open their pieholes and bitch about how much they hate America, conservatives, and anyone who displays even one iota of patriotism, I find myself purging my music files, film choices, and reading selections of them and their nihilist bullshit.
      I really think Obama is a one-term fuckup. Unfortunately, it will take years to unscrew his damage.

      SFC MAC

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