Morsi Declares Himself Pharaoh

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood pal just went full tyrant.

From Fox News.

Egyptian political parties angered by President Mohammed Morsi’s decision to grant himself nearly unlimited new powers have planned a protest against the move for next week in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Various political leaders have called on their supporters to march to the major public square to protest Morsi’s constitutional declaration, according to a Reuters report.

Meanwhile, thousands of people gathered Saturday to protest in central Cairo, where supporters and opponents of Morsi clashed the day before in the worst violence since he took office

The edicts by Morsi, which were issued Thursday, have turned months of growing polarization into an open battle between his Muslim Brotherhood and liberals who fear a new dictatorship. Some in the opposition, which has been divided and weakened, were now speaking of a sustained street campaign against the man who nearly five months ago became Egypt’s first freely elected president.

The unrest also underscored the struggle over the direction of Egypt’s turbulent passage nearly two years after a popular uprising toppled Hosni Mubarak’s authoritarian regime. Liberals and secular Egyptians accuse the Brotherhood of monopolizing power, dominating the writing of a new constitution and failing to tackle the country’s chronic economic and security problems.

“I don’t like, want or need to resort to exceptional measures, but I will if I see that my people, nation and the revolution of Egypt are in danger,” Morsi told thousands of his chanting supporters outside the presidential palace in Cairo Friday.

‘Hey, I don’t like being the new dictator, but somebody has to enforce Sharia Law’.


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1 thought on “Morsi Declares Himself Pharaoh”

  1. This is their doctrine of “taqiyya, hudna, and kitman”. Muslims are permitted to lie in order to promote Islam. They are permitted to lie to achieve a truce, while building their base to achieve a military advantage. In this case, promote Sharia law by ensuring it becomes part of the new constitution.

    We are dealing with a religion that advocates deceit and treachery as part of their dealings with others in order to achieve an end goal. These people can be smiling at you and calling you friend one minute, then turn around and put a bullet hole in your brain to further their cause for Islam.

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