MSM Admits Ignoring Good News in the GWOT

You gotta love the liberal MSM mindset. Not only are they dead set against reporting success in Iraq and Afghanistan, they really get irked and tapdance like crazy when it happens.

Howard Kurtz host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” interviewed WaPo’s Robin Wright and CNN correspondent Barbara Starr on the lack of media attention regarding the good news out of Iraq; the dramatic decline in casualties, increase in stabilization, and the defeat of al Qaeda insurgents.  Both of them condone the censorship of positive news.

Kurtz asked,

“Robin Wright, should that decline in Iraq casualties have gotten more media attention?”

Her response:

“Not necessarily. The fact is we’re at the beginning of a trend — and it’s not even sure that it is a trend yet. There is also an enormous dispute over how to count the numbers. There are different kinds of deaths in Iraq.

There are combat deaths. There are sectarian deaths. And there are the deaths of criminal — from criminal acts. There are also a lot of numbers that the U.S. frankly is not counting. For example, in southern Iraq, there is Shiite upon Shiite violence, which is not sectarian in the Shiite versus Sunni. And the U.S. also doesn’t have much of a capability in the south.

There are also enemy deaths ; the multitude and success being reported by troops on the ground but discounted by idiots like Wright because, according to the leftist media powers that be, that can’t be reported because the American public might –gawd forbid–think we’re winning.

Starr weighed in:

Starr: But that’s the problem, we don’t know whether it is a trend about specifically the decline in the number of U.S. troops being killed in Iraq. This is not enduring progress. This is a very positive step on that potential road to progress.

Kurtz: “But let’s say that the figures had shown that casualties were going up for U.S. Soldiers and going up for Iraqi civilians. I think that would have made some front pages.

Starr: Oh, I think inevitably it would have. I mean, that’s certainly — that, by any definition, is news. Look, nobody more than a Pentagon correspondent would like to stop reporting the number of deaths, interviewing grieving families, talking to soldiers who have lost their arms and their legs in the war. But, is this really enduring progress?

We’ve had five years of the Pentagon telling us there is progress, there is progress. Forgive me for being skeptical, I need to see a little bit more than one month before I get too excited about all of this.

Link to video:

Oh yeah, let’s not get too excited about accomplishing the mission and killing the bad guys. Let’s just focus on using U.S. troop body counts as an anti-war statement, rather than be grateful they’re fighting and winning against scum-of-the-earth Islamofascists who started this war in the first place.

If there was any doubt that the American MSM and Al Jazeera are interchangable, that should settle the issue.

4 thoughts on “MSM Admits Ignoring Good News in the GWOT”


    Yeah, They’re right up there with the imams who preach jihad and send their followers out with bombs strapped on — but somehow never find the time to lead by example.

    Because somewhere along the line America lost the will to stand up to enemies within its own borders and developed a sick tolerance to those, in media and goevernment, who would gladly trade our hard-earned freedoms for the communist/Islamofascist systems they admire. Funny though, you don’t see them making a beeline for the airport.


    There was a time, and not too long ago, that such activity would have been branded as the work of fifth columnists at best and treason at worst. Either way, why are these wastes of oxygen still walking free?

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