Musk’s Twitter Throttles Project Veritas’ Video of Pfizer CEO’s Admission of Covid Mutations/Vax Profiteering

I rejoined Twitter after years of being censored and suspended under the likes of Dorsey and Agrawal, only to be suspended under Musk’s new ownership. It looked promising with all the disclosures of behind the scenes corruption and government influenced suppression of free speech.

Elon Musk promised that the site would be an open forum:


That promise has not been kept. As a matter of fact, it’s like the former tyrants never left.

Just the News

Two weeks before unidentified Twitter executives are scheduled to testify before the House Oversight Committee on the platform’s censorship of reporting on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop before the 2020 election, multiple platforms are throttling a disfavored media outlet.

YouTube removed undercover video purporting to show a Pfizer executive revealing to a Project Veritas journalist posing as the executive’s date the drugmaker’s plan to use “directed evolution” to keep COVID-19 a “cash cow.” The platform also moved to block Project Veritas uploads for a week and issued a “strike” against the pugilistic nonprofit.

On Friday night, PV founder James O’Keefe posted a YouTube notice attributing the sanctions to “medical misinformation” by Project Veritas. The video “contradict[s] expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization” (WHO) on COVID-19 vaccines, the notice claimed.

Project Veritas identified the undercover subject as Jordon Walker, Pfizer’s director of worldwide R&D strategic operations and mRNA scientific planning. Walker told O’Keefe after the investigative ruse was exposed that he had lied about the drugmaker’s research to impress his fake date.

“These were not our claims,” O’Keefe says in a bemused tone. “I really think it’s third world that big, massive corporations team up with Big Tech monopolies to target journalism in these United States.” He cited unnamed “sources in Pfizer” that told Project Veritas the company is “in turmoil today.”

YouTube did not respond to repeated requests by Just the News to explain why it alleged Project Veritas spread medical misinformation rather than deceptively edited the video — a charge initially leveled by another recent target of the nonprofit — or how the sanctions didn’t create chilling effects on journalism.

The video sharing platform’s owner Google took a more subtle approach when the surreptitious footage was first posted last week, showing supposed fact-checks and a trickle of media reporting to users searching for “project veritas Pfizer” rather than the video itself or the Project Veritas website.

Rumble rushed in to post the video after the YouTube removal, promising to “hold the line against this outrageous censorship” and promote the video on its homepage.

……Despite his self-assigned role as a customer service representative for Twitter, Musk does not appear to have answered repeated requests from users to explain the continuing search-suggestion ban.



So much for public debate.

I’ve already switched to GAB and Truth Social.  Those sites actually promote and defend free speech.


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