Muslim Congressman’s Trip to Norway Inspires “Peace Department”

Is there something in the water in Minnesota?

A trip to Norway has reinforced Keith Ellison’s support for a bill that would create a Cabinet-level Department of Peace.

The Democratic congressman, who represents Minnesota’s Fifth District with its strong Norwegian heritage, spent last week in the Scandinavian country to learn about peace and justice issues. The trip was paid for by the House Financial Services Committee, on which he sits. (READ: Tax funded)

Guess who “authored” this lunacy:

In an interview from Oslo last week, Ellison said he would reemphasize the importance of the bill, authored by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio.

“This trip … helps me to see that is an important part of legislation that I’ll push with renewed energy and vigor,” Ellison said. “I intend to continue to organize community around peaceful resolution of conflict.”

During a forum about the trip Ellison held at Augsburg College on Monday, he said of the war in Iraq: “This conflict could have been avoided if we had a stronger cultural connection to peace. It’s not just the will, but the skill to make peace.”

Lois Quam, a member of the Norwegian American Foundation’s board who was named 2005 Norwegian American of the Year, said she suggested that Ellison go to Norway because of his interest in the peace process. Quam joined Ellison on the trip, as did Augsburg College’s Frankie Shackelford, a professor of Norwegian, and Jeremy Wells, vice president of Institutional Advancement.

Ellison’s schedule included meetings with the director of the International Peace Research Institute, the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He said Monday that he and Oslo Center officials had discussed the possibility of opening a Minnesota branch of the organization.

“I learned quite a bit about how Norway, through the government and through NGOs, has really helped to promote peace,” Ellison said. “It really has shown how if we can make peace in various areas of the world, it’s a lot less expensive in terms of lives and treasure.”

Hey Ellison, you think your Islamofascist buddies in the Middle East will open up a branch?
There’s no other way to view this other than Ellison is part of the movement to subvert Democracy in this country through Islamic fronts like a “Peace Department”. How transparent can he be, and how stupid does he think we are?

The fact that any state (yeah, I know it’s Minnesota ) would elect a muslim to public office, is beyond belief. The philosophy and doctrine of Islam is diametrically opposed to everything that a Democratic Republic stands for.

This quote of Ellison’s is just plain stupid:

“This conflict (Iraq) could have been avoided if we had a stronger cultural connection to peace. It’s not just the will, but the skill to make peace.”

He must have had his nose buried in his prayer mat for the 12 years that the U.N. allowed Saddam Hussein to thumb his nose at each resolution and every attempt to avoid forced compliance. For about 35 years, Hussein’s “cultural connection to peace” involved filling mass graves and using the WMDs he supposedly didn’t have.

Still no mention of Afghanistan, and the continuing terrorist threat across the Middle East and in this country.

“Department of Peace”, what a sick fucking joke. Islam’s idea of “peace” is capitulation.

We ‘gave peace a chance’. We got 9/11.

2 thoughts on “Muslim Congressman’s Trip to Norway Inspires “Peace Department””

  1. Dwyer,

    Look at the attached picture.

    That was just one of the many atrocities committed by the religion that Ellison worships. You’re ‘stuck on stupid’.

    I feel sorry for you.


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