Muslim Extremists Launch Billboards to Promote ‘Islamic Education’

The Islamic Circle of North America has started an “Ask Ahmed” hotline for those of you who are perplexed about the true nature of Islam.

In explaining the initiative, Asim Khan, the president of of the Islamic Circle of North America New Jersey chapter, said:
“Rather than absorb knowledge from Fox News, we invite people to come hear it from the horse’s mouth. We invite them to ask us what our faith is about. There is a lot of curiosity about Islam, but also misinformation, uncertainty, and a sense of fear in approaching us.”

Khan is talking out of the other end of the horse. We don’t need Fox News to give us information about Islam. We have your daily contributions and your 9/11 atrocities to give us all the information we need. Those of us who served in Iraq and Afghanistan got to know you up close and personal.

Right now, these muslim propaganda billboards are popping up along the New Jersey Turnpike. Where’s the graffiti vandals when ya need ’em?

BTW, the ICNA isn’t exactly a benevolent organization:

“Hand Book Shows ICNA’s True Goals” (2010)

“(Yusuf) Islam (video author–formerly Cat Stevens) is a Trustee of the Union of Good, a worldwide coalition of charities headed by global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi and which helps to fund raise for Hamas. Islam is also a founder of Muslim Aid, a U.K chairty which is one of the member organizations of the Union of Good and which itself tied to the U.K Muslim Brotherhood.

Islam is chairman and a founder the International Board of Educational Research and Resources (IBERR), an international Islamic educational organization whose trustees are largely tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood.”

A background on the Muslim Brotherhood, HERE.

Al Qaeda’s new chief, Ayman al-Zawahri, who got the job after Bin Laden was sent to hell, once had an internet Q&A.  
I wanted to ask the old camel fucker a question: How does it feel to know that your “allah” is running out of virgins?

Here’s a sampling of a conversation with one of the muslims and an infidel.

Muslim on the phone:  Hello, my name is Mohammad Achmed Abdul Hakeem Mahmoud Hock al Loogie. You may call me Hock al Loogie for short.  May I interest you in education about the peaceful religion of Islam?

Infidel:  “Sure, but I need some clarification.  If Islam is such a religion of peace and the muslims are so misunderstood, why do you  kill “unbelievers” and hate Christians and Jews?”

Hock al Loogie:  “The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is simply speaking of the jihad, the ‘internal struggle’ that all good muslims must fight.”

Infidel: Then why externalize it by flying planes into buildings,  homicide bombings, and beheadings? 

Hock al Loogie: But you see, dear infidel, some unbelievers are a little uncooperative.  So are women, whom the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said should be kept in their place.  And Jews, well, they are very uncooperative.

Infidel:  So that explains all the bloodshed in the name of Allah and crimes against women?  What’s so peaceful about that?

Hock al Loogie: SILENCE!! I KEEL YOU!!!

Here’s my suggestions for some billboards. Accurate, to the point, and will clear up any uncertainty about Islam:

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